Virtual-Q to Provide a Scalable, Automated Data Center Infrastructure

Virtual-Q embarked on a mission to modernize and automate its network infrastructure to deliver a scalable and seamless customer experience. Based in Houston, Texas, Virtual-Q provides IT Services and through its hosted desktop solution, streamlining the costs associated with remote IT solutions. The company delivers enterprise-class security, computing, support, and disaster recovery solutions to businesses across all sectors and sizes.


Company Virtual-Q
Products used Juniper ApstraQFX SeriesEX SeriesMX10004 and MX10008MX204
Region Americas
Customer Success At-a-glance

Well-positioned to expand capacity with 400G

Cloud-ready network infrastructure will enable future vision

Network foundation will support 1,082 percent annual company growth rate


Enabling growth while pleasing customers

Virtual-Q had been operating with a network that lacked scalability and struggled to meet the increasing hybrid and virtual customer demands associated with the pandemic. With the need to accommodate large-scale growth but also be able to easily manage and operate, Virtual-Q turned to Juniper Networks to help design and build its new network, along with support from partner GDT and Juniper Professional Services. 

Virtual Q Challenge

Automating for the future

Juniper Apstra will simplify and automate data center operations management from design to deployment through everyday operations and assurance. Additionally, Apstra delivers a high level of visibility into the network fabric, allowing for faster resolution times and increased operational efficiencies. With an approach to data center operations based on the insight that a reliability-focused strategy results in speed and efficiency, Apstra enables Virtual-Q to transform operations.

By also deploying Juniper’s QFX switches, EX switches, and MX series universal routing platforms, Virtual-Q is well-positioned to expand its capacity with 400G bandwidth, develop a cloud-ready network infrastructure that can grow alongside its evolving data center needs and meet its 1,082 percent annual growth rate. 

Virtual Q Solution
Victor J. Quinones, Jr., Founder and CEO, Virtual-Q
“Juniper Apstra allows us to seamlessly manage and automate our data center infrastructure without compromising our ability to serve our customers. With Apstra’s intent-based design, operators can focus on what needs to be accomplished in the data center instead of how it should be done. As one of the most user-friendly products on the market, we are excited to see the transformation Apstra will bring to our network operations.”
Victor J. Quinones, Jr. Founder and CEO, Virtual-Q

Published October 2022