ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router

Metro operators face traffic growth and changing dynamics that impact their network architectures. The ACX7500 line from Juniper’s ACX7000 Family of sustainable routers meets new requirements with high port density, scale, and efficiency.

The ACX7509, part of the ACX7500 line, provides 4.8-Tbps throughput in a modular, 5 U, high-availability platform ideal for service provider, large enterprise, and data center networks. It delivers 1GbE-to-400GbE port flexibility with unrestricted use of high-power ZR/ZR+ transceivers.   

There’s ample capacity to accommodate service growth, cloud expansion, and hyperscaler applications. Powered by Junos® OS Evolved, the router supports advanced features, such as Segment Routing (SR), SRv6, MPLS, EVPN-VXLAN, advanced programmability, network slicing, and telemetry. Juniper Paragon™ Automation optimizes network operations and enables differentiated services.

Key Features

Form factor

5 U, with 60-cm depth


4.8 Tbps

Port density

20 x 1/10/25/50GbE
  4 x 200/400GbE
16 x 40/100GbE 

Features + Benefits

Uninterrupted Service Delivery

High-availability (HA) features and redundant components enable exceptional performance and service assurance. The HA design keeps service interruptions to zero or near-zero, increasing network durability. 

Dense Port Distribution

The ACX7509 is a high-capacity router with dense fan-out ports. It offers a mix of low- and high-speed ports ranging from 1GbE to 400GbE. The platform is ideal for high-end aggregation services and delivers the flexibility to manage and scale the network to sustain business growth.

Multiservice Platform

Address 5G, IoT, and cloud requirements with a multiservice platform that connects your residential, enterprise, wholesale, and 4G/5G customers directly to a converged and automated Juniper Cloud Metro architecture.

One Junos Experience

Junos OS Evolved delivers the same stability, ease of operation, and advanced programmability across the entire ACX7000 family routing portfolio, accelerating deployments and simplifying operations.

Cloud Metro as Experience Sensor

With Paragon Active Assurance agents embedded into every Juniper ACX7000 platform, your Juniper Cloud Metro effectively becomes a sensor that monitors and measures customers’ end-to-end service experiences.

Most Innovative Routing and Switching Solution

Juniper Networks Cloud Metro earns the "Editor's Choice" Leading Lights Awards 2022, enabling service providers to build a sustainable future.

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Regional service providers like DQE Communications have a home-team advantage, with a nuanced understanding of local needs plus the agility to react quickly. DQE, which serves Western Pennsylvania, moved swiftly to expand its metro network services to meet the digital needs of its customers and its growing metro edge and mobile backhaul requirements.

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The ACX7509, part of the ACX7000 family, is a high-availability, power-efficient, and modular 5 U platform. Ideal for service providers, data centers, and large enterprises, it helps network operators deliver differentiated customer experiences. 

Technical Features
Form factor

5 U, with 60-cm depth


4.8 Tbps

Port density

20 x 1/10/25/50GbE
  4 x 200/400GbE
16 x 40/100GbE 

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Juniper’s Cloud Metro combines a scalable IP service fabric, service intelligence, and automation.

Deliver Differentiated Services with Paragon Active Assurance

Automatically validate and monitor service quality across your network.

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Apply cloud principles to metro networks to achieve sustainable business growth with future-proof performance, adaptive power innovation, embedded active assurance, and zero trust security.


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ACX7509 Cloud Metro Routers FAQs

What is the Juniper Networks ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router?

Optimized for multiservice access, aggregation, and cloud/data center use cases, the ACX7509 is part of Juniper's ACX7000 family of Cloud Metro Routers, purpose-built for the IP service fabric underlay of a Juniper Cloud Metro. The ACX7000 portfolio provides comprehensive coverage of all metro enterprise, wholesale, and data center use cases and is designed to deliver sustainable business growth for the evolving requirements of the “new edge,” where connectivity, cloud, and customer experiences converge—the Cloud Metro.

The fully redundant ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router delivers 4.8 Tbps throughput in a modular, energy-efficient, high-availability (HA), 5 U (60 cm depth) platform. It brings 1GbE-to-400GbE port flexibility and density to operator networks, supporting unrestricted use of high-power ZR/ZR+ transceivers and enabling IP-over-DWDM (IPoDWDM) efficiencies. Its ample capacity can accommodate service growth, cloud expansion, and hyperscale applications. 

All ACX7000 platforms support all overlay and underlay protocols, enabling operators to evolve across protocol generations at their own pace. Powered by Junos® OS Evolved and Juniper Paragon™ Automation, the entire ACX7000 family offers advanced features such as embedded active service assurance and zero trust security, segment routing (SR), SRv6, MPLS, EVPN-VXLAN, advanced programmability, network slicing, and telemetry.

Where do I deploy the ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router in my network?

The ACX7509 is designed for metro and data center use cases requiring highly flexible, compact, energy-efficient, high-end multiservice solutions. As part of a multivendor architecture, the ACX7509 brings leading-edge performance, scale, and capability to any deployment. When it’s part of a comprehensive ACX7000 Cloud Metro architecture, new dimensions of end-to-end operational capability, performance and simplicity are realized.

What use cases are supported by the ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router?

An ideal choice for service provider, large enterprise, and cloud/data center use cases, the ACX7509 supports Juniper Cloud Metro solutions for 4G/5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud applications requiring extremely power-efficient, high-density, high-availability (HA), and sustainable solutions. Three field-replaceable FPCs provide flexible chassis configuration: 20 ports of multispeed 1/10/25/50GbE, 16 ports of 40/100GbE, and 4 ports of 200/400GbE. Deep buffers provide end-to-end service delivery assurance and precision timing capabilities such as Synchronous Ethernet, Precision Time Protocol (PTP), and advanced Class C timing for latency-optimized 4G/5G service experiences, as well as GNSS/GPS (grandmaster clock support via external GNSS receiver) network synchronization.

What are the benefits of the ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router?

Built on the latest silicon and engineered to be sustainable, the ACX7509 is designed to optimize space, power, and security and address increasingly complex service requirements and relentless traffic growth imposed by 5G, IoT, and cloud-based applications, turning challenges into opportunities to thrive. The ACX7509 delivers the following benefits:

  • Fully redundant HA platform with enhanced security including MACsec on all ports
  • Highly sustainable, the ACX7509 fabric-less architecture delivers longevity; fewer components and cooling advances set new benchmarks for low power consumption, TCO savings, and simplified path to next-generation upgrades 
  • 100/400GbE ports supporting ZR/ZR+, enabling IPoDWDM to reduce the cost/complexity of IP-optical convergence
  • Eight-slot (9-slot ready) modular chassis supports flexible 1GbE-to-400GbE configurations 
  • Comprehensive protocol support enables evolution across protocol generations at the operator’s pace—neither trapped in legacy nor forced into next-gen technology  
  • Embedded Paragon Active Assurance: Automate turn-up testing processes and gain continuous end-to-end service quality insights to proactively enhance customer experience
  • Embedded zero trust security: All ACX7000 platforms feature TPM 2.0 chip technology, creating a unique, cryptographically bound device identity that can’t be spoofed by hackers

Who should deploy the ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router?

The ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router is designed with the needs of service providers, large enterprise, wholesale providers, and cloud/data center operators in mind. This includes:

  • Service providers/content service providers seeking to expand their ability to support existing services, scale with demand, offer new services, or all of the above to deliver exceptional user experience. Use cases include mobile operators supporting 4G and/or expanding to 5G services, cable/MSO operators migrating to Remote-PHY architectures, and Internet providers expanding to fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) services.  
  • Enterprises seeking a smooth and nondisruptive transition to a flexible, scalable, and resilient modern network architecture. Use cases include campus and branch applications, WAN backbone and edge, peering, colocation, and data center edge and border leaf. 
  • Wholesale providers building a converged multiservice transport architecture that is flexible, scalable, and sustainable while providing build-as-you-grow operational simplicity to support the requirements of a dynamic resource-leasing market. 
  • Data center/cloud operators seeking data center interconnect (DCI) solutions and solutions that support cloud-inspired scale-out and spine-leaf architectures capable of supporting multiple overlay encapsulation methods and data plane security technologies.


What software licenses are required to use the ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router?

ACX7509 Routers support Juniper’s Flex software licensing program. This includes perpetual and subscription licenses for one, three, and five years.  

How can I buy the ACX7509 Cloud Metro Router?

Our experts are ready to assist you from start to finish. Contact our sales team to get recommendations on the best routers and switches for your business needs.