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What Are Some of the Real-World Customer Use Cases of Cloud Metro?

Ask Me Anything Cloud Metro
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Title slide with a photo of Peter Chung, Senior Manager, Product Management at Juniper Networks. Text says, “ASK ME ANYTHING. What are some real-world customer use cases of Cloud Metro.” And, “AMA Series with Juniper Cloud Metro Team.”

How can you use Cloud Metro? Three examples show the way.

In this episode of the Ask Me Anything (AMA) series, Juniper’s Peter Chung walks us through three real-world Cloud Metro use cases. Discover how Juniper reimagined the networks of three different companies – and can do the same for yours. 

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You’ll learn

  • How Juniper helped DQE Communications upgrade and improve its network infrastructure 

  • How Juniper created a network that was high performing on day one and scalable for the future  

  • How Juniper expanded and modernized a customers web enterprise 

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Irene Zhang Headshot
Irene Zhang
Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Peter Chung Headshot
Peter Chung
Sr. Product Manager, Juniper Networks 


0:00 [Music]

0:04 hello welcome to our cloud metro ama

0:07 series where we have experts to answer

0:09 your questions any questions related to

0:12 next-gen metro networks i'm your host

0:14 irene zen product marketing director at

0:17 juniper networks

0:19 joining me today is peter chang senior

0:21 product manager at juniper

0:23 peter welcome

0:26 today we have a question about what are

0:27 some of the real world customer use

0:30 cases of cloud metro

0:32 thank you irene yes indeed the aca 7k is

0:35 really getting a lot of momentum and

0:38 very well received feedback from our

0:39 customers

0:40 who are very impressed with aca 7k

0:43 performance

0:44 100k 400k density low power consumption

0:47 and high service scale

0:49 customers are also very energized and

0:51 confident on our upcoming hardware and

0:53 software enrollment in year 2022

0:56 this is just the beginning of our cloud

0:58 metro journey

0:59 with that i'm very eager to share three

1:02 successful use case here

1:04 the very first one is our popular

1:06 reference customer called dqe

1:08 communication

1:09 dq is the fiber network provider to

1:11 offer flexible foundation to serve

1:14 customer digital transformation knee and

1:17 for expansion into the new areas

1:20 dq using juniper mx series core as the

1:22 core router and a6 series are used for

1:25 the metro age and mobile backhoe

1:28 with acs mnk router dq can extend the

1:31 ampere service into age

1:34 enhance the customer experience and

1:36 reduce the cost

1:38 dq expand its metro service with juniper

1:40 acs 7132c

1:43 for 5g backhoe which is driving

1:45 substantial growth on traffic and

1:47 business

1:49 the second case is our leading search

1:50 product in apjc and our very first acs

1:54 3132c customer in apjcc

1:58 tuning for windy steel by leveraging

2:00 r1iu density 100k to 400 key pairs you

2:04 grow stability

2:05 zrca approach support and comprehensive

2:08 software feature

2:09 our solution will not only offer the day

2:12 one deployment readiness but also for

2:14 their next gen ebp and second routing as

2:17 the foundation for their common metro

2:19 fabric

2:21 the last one is the u.s manufacturer

2:23 company select acf 3132c

2:26 to replace their legacy core switch to

2:29 modernize and expand its weight

2:31 enterprise

2:33 and data center aggregation network to

2:36 support a double digit the business

2:38 growth

2:39 selection criteria includes poor density

2:42 400 gig readiness zrzr support

2:45 comprehensive software feature juno evo

2:48 and qosd buffer capability

2:50 which are very critical for layer growth

2:52 and invest protection

2:54 again just like we said earlier this is

2:56 just the beginning of the acs maker

2:58 journey to lead a metro network and

2:59 search for service provider data center

3:01 relief and smart architecture and

3:03 enterprise we definitely will share a

3:05 more successful story in our next mma

3:07 section thank you very much erin

3:15 what else do you want to learn about the

3:17 next generation metro networks send us

3:19 your questions by email at metro ama


3:24 see you next time

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