Irene Zhang, Director, Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Why Migrate to Jericho-2 Based Metro Routers?

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Title slide with a photograph of Peter Chung, Sr. Manager, Product Management at Juniper Networks. Text says, “ASK ME ANYTHING. Why SPs should consider upgrading to Jericho 1/+ to Jericho 2-based metro routers? AMA Series with Juniper Cloud Metro Team.”

Time for a Jericho upgrade? Most likely — and here’s why.

Service providers, are you still using Broadcom’s Jericho1? In this episode of the Cloud Metro AMA (ask me anything) Series, Juniper’s Peter Chung explains why service providers should consider upgrading to Jericho2-based metro routers.

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You’ll learn

  • Why Jericho2 is the latest and greatest of Broadcom’s DNX family 

  • How Jericho2 offers much higher throughput and service scalability 

  • A side-by-side comparison of Jericho2 and Jericho1 features for metro routers

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Irene Zhang Headshot
Irene Zhang
Director, Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Peter Chung Headshot
Peter Chung
Sr. Product Manager, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:04 hello welcome to our cloud metro ama

0:07 series where we have experts to answer

0:09 your questions any questions related to

0:12 next-gen metro networks i'm your host

0:14 irene zen product marketing director at

0:17 juniper networks

0:19 joining me today is peter chang senior

0:21 product manager at juniper

0:23 peter welcome

0:26 today we have a question about

0:28 why customers who are using jericho or

0:30 jericho plus products for their metro

0:33 should migrate to

0:35 jericho 2 based

0:37 thank you arie

0:39 jericho 2 is the latest and greatest

0:41 broadcast dnx family in addition to the

0:45 well-known advantage on the power

0:46 consumption

0:48 cure is deep buffer and ethernet density

0:51 jericho 2 is able to offer much higher

0:54 throughput and service scale

0:56 i'd like to share more technical details

0:58 here which are very important for our

1:00 next generation mutual architecture

1:04 the very first one is label test

1:06 increase from 6 to 14.

1:08 by far this is the most important

1:10 enhancement for second routing traffic

1:12 engineering

1:13 trfa

1:14 and their today three service

1:16 combination

1:17 this is also the key foundation for 5g

1:20 network slicing

1:22 the second one is the fat ecmp is

1:24 increased from 4k to 32k

1:26 and local hierarchies from two levels of

1:29 three labels

1:30 this will greatly help to offer higher

1:32 layer 3 vpn service and multitask

1:35 redundant scenario

1:38 the third one is the egress pipeline

1:40 enhancement to support more equals

1:42 feature like ipv6 firewall and equest

1:45 sfs floor as well

1:48 the format is oem scabing enhancement

1:51 and delicate ethernet service activation

1:53 engine supporting

1:55 it's critical to have every layer 2

1:57 layer 3 or evpn service have dedicated

2:00 oem sections associated

2:02 so this is to ensure every service have

2:05 the visibility for service level

2:07 agreement

2:09 the next one is in order to support a

2:11 highly programmed programmability

2:15 the jira go to allow customers to select

2:17 flexible database profile to optimize

2:20 the layer to make table layer 3 ipv6 ipv

2:24 for fifth size or even for the firewall

2:28 the next enhancement to support highly

2:30 programmability

2:32 is so-called elective pipeline

2:34 electric combat will allow juniper

2:36 engineering to write a c pro plus co

2:38 compile and integrate in our own ses 7

2:41 consistent this will give you the future

2:43 enhancement

2:45 invest protection as well

2:47 the last one is the industry law

2:49 expecting srv6 support in

2:52 injector 2 sr basic with natalie support

2:54 and ready for the next generation 5g

2:57 service fabric and disputed data center

2:59 use case

3:02 apart from this bullet point jericho ii

3:04 support next generation maracas beer

3:07 more increase in egress pipeline

3:10 more keywords for fly

3:12 all together will make acs 7k perfect

3:15 fit into today in tomorrow metro network

3:18 and for the lineage as well

3:20 thank you arie

3:24 what else do you want to learn about the

3:25 next generation metro networks send us

3:28 your question by email at metro ama at


3:32 see you next time

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