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Cloud Metro- One Converged Metro for the 5G Era

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Side-by-side photographs of host Sterling Perrin, Light Reading, and Brendan Gibbs, VP Product Management, Juniper Networks, as they talk about Cloud Metro.

The 5G transformation isn’t optional. Here’s how to manage it. 

Network operators, how are you managing the 5G revolution? This episode of Light Reading features Juniper’s Brendan Gibbs as he discusses how Cloud Metro portfolio can help network operators with the transformation to 5G.

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You’ll learn

  • How Gibbs thinks 5G will transform the Cloud Metro (hint: there’s going to be a sea change) 

  • How network operators can differentiate themselves during this time of change

  • The biggest challenges for current metro architectures, and how to meet them with Juniper Cloud Metro 

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Network Professionals Business Leaders


Sterling Perrin Headshot
Sterling Perrin
Light Reading 

Guest speakers

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Brendan Gibbs
VP Product Management, Juniper Networks