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Juniper Scales Edge and Core Routing with Next-gen Trio and Express ASICs

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Title slide showing guest Sally Bament, VP of Cloud & Service Provider Marketing. Text says: “The right tool for the job: Silicon built for the future,” and also, “NextGenInfra.io.”

Custom silicon represents a big win for your network.

Juniper is kicking off 2022 with the introduction of next-generation custom silicon innovations built to power the networks of the future. Listen as Juniper’s Sally Bament dishes on these new products, and how they can help network operators meet the ever-changing needs of their networks.

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You’ll learn

  • All about the next-generation Express 5, Trio 6, and the new Trio 6-based MX portfolio 

  • How all of these new products fit into existing infrastructure, helping network operators meet increasing traffic demands 

  • Why Juniper has made silicon a central part of our strategy (hint: it’s all about the user experience) 

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Jim Carroll Headshot
Jim Carroll
Editor, Converge! Network Digest 

Guest speakers

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Sally Bament
VP Cloud & Service Provider Marketing, Juniper


00:05 [Music]

00:08 hi sally thanks for joining me today i

00:10 understand that juniper is ready to roll

00:12 with this first big announcement of 2022

00:16 custom silicon what is it that you're

00:18 announcing and um especially in the

00:20 supply constrained environment how soon

00:24 are we likely to see the next generation

00:26 of products based on what you're

00:27 announcing hello jim let me start by

00:30 telling you what we're announcing and

00:32 it's pretty exciting we're announcing

00:34 the next generations of our custom

00:37 silicon innovations built quite frankly

00:40 to power the world's next generation

00:42 networks and we're continuing juniper

00:45 strategy

00:46 of building purpose-built silicon

00:49 optimized for the uniquely diverse

00:52 and demanding challenges for different

00:54 points in the network whether the core

00:57 or the multi-service edge

00:59 so first we're announcing the next

01:01 generation of express silicon

01:04 which we use in our industry-leading

01:07 core routing products the ptx series

01:10 we're announcing the fifth generation

01:11 express 5 supporting the industry's

01:15 highest

01:16 nun blocking throughput performance at

01:18 28.8 terabits per second and with

01:21 amazing power efficiency all in a single

01:24 package

01:25 express 5 is taped out and you'll start

01:28 seeing products from us based on express

01:30 5 starting next year

01:32 secondly we're also announcing the next

01:36 generation of our trio silicon

01:38 used in our mx series multi-service edge

01:41 routers this will be the sixth

01:43 generation so trio six and it is

01:46 optimized for unprecedented

01:48 logical service scale and flexibility

01:52 thirdly we are announcing the first

01:55 suite of mx series line cards and

01:59 chassis that will leverage our trio 6

02:03 new trio 6 silicon

02:05 we are announcing a new 9.6 terabits per

02:08 second line card for the mx 10k 8 based

02:11 on trio 6. we're also announcing a new

02:14 chassis the mx-10 k4 for more

02:17 power and space constrained environments

02:19 it's a modular chassis

02:21 with the best power efficiency

02:24 than

02:25 other modular chassis that we know of on

02:27 the market today

02:28 and thirdly we're announcing the mx304

02:32 that's a fixed configuration routing

02:34 platform

02:36 2iu

02:38 up to 4.8 terabits per second

02:41 and built when space and power are at an

02:44 absolute premium so we're announcing a

02:46 lot

02:48 lots of interesting stuff there we're

02:50 certainly seeing the big broadband

02:51 operators dialing up their residential

02:54 and business

02:56 plans to the 2 gigabit 5 gigabit 10

02:59 gigabit speed and that's going to mean a

03:02 lot of bandwidth to be aggregated and

03:04 routed at the edge and at the core

03:07 so in terms of the upgrade cycle for the

03:10 service providers how do you see these

03:13 new products fitting in what what are

03:15 the market dynamics that you see at play

03:18 you know one thing that we can say

03:20 particularly about service provider

03:22 networks is that change is constant

03:25 and you know we're seeing the emergence

03:26 of new services obviously you know ar vr

03:30 iot connected cities

03:33 and of course 5g deployments which will

03:36 enable new services that we don't even

03:38 know about yet

03:40 and the pandemic has also highlighted

03:42 this continued change where the changes

03:45 in traffic patents services

03:47 subscribers bandwidth etc

03:51 and we also see a continued exponential

03:55 growth in traffic in network traffic and

03:57 that's driving increase increased speeds

04:01 increased throughput and increased

04:03 bandwidth demands across the entire

04:05 network

04:06 and we know service providers need to

04:08 make choices today

04:10 for the next five ten plus years they

04:12 have to place their bets

04:14 and those choices have to support

04:16 whatever's thrown at them tomorrow

04:18 whether that's more traffic

04:20 new services

04:22 more end points and that's more apparent

04:24 now than ever before

04:27 very interesting so

04:29 you know custom silicon seems to have

04:31 always been a part of the juniper story

04:33 ever since the the company got started

04:36 uh why is that why not merchant silicon

04:39 what what is it about juniper and this

04:42 pursuit of custom silicon

04:44 so why is silicon um central to our uh

04:49 story to the juniper story

04:51 well you know to support you know

04:53 customers in our customers in making the

04:56 choices that we just talked about

04:58 and networking silicon strategy has

05:00 always been about the right tool for the

05:03 job

05:04 whether that's leveraging merchant

05:05 silicon

05:06 or leveraging our custom silicon

05:09 innovations whether for massive

05:12 throughput performance

05:13 or unprecedented logical service scale

05:18 and what we see

05:20 particularly with the exponential growth

05:22 in traffic and aggregated

05:24 network speeds that's putting an

05:26 enormous amount of pressure on the core

05:28 of the network which is why express

05:30 is really optimized for raw throughput

05:33 performance

05:34 as well as power efficiency

05:37 and then at the multi-service edge as

05:39 the name implies that's where a lot of

05:42 uh existing and new services are being

05:44 extend instantiated

05:46 so that's driving the need for certainly

05:49 logical service scale and flexibility

05:52 to support a full suite and the complex

05:55 features associated with that full suite

05:57 of services

05:58 residential services consumer broadband

06:01 uh business vpn functions etc for

06:05 hundreds of thousands of subscribers all

06:08 at once

06:09 uh all while securing those subscribers

06:11 and endpoints as well as de delighting

06:14 the experience of customers

06:16 so very different capabilities you've

06:18 got massive throughput for the core

06:21 and very very high

06:23 logical service scale at the

06:24 multi-service edge and that drives very

06:26 very different design needs in

06:29 networking silicon and that's what's

06:31 driving

06:32 our own custom silicon strategy

06:35 and to be honest it's quite unique in

06:37 the industry compared to some of the

06:38 other players

06:41 [Music]

06:54 you

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