Irene Zhang, Director, Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Why SRv6 Matters for Next-Gen Metro Networks?

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Irene Zhang
Peter Chung, Sr. Manager, Product Management, Juniper Networks, standing in front of a screen, gesturing while speaking. Text on the right says "Ask Me Anything. Why SRv6 matters for next-gen metro networks?"

Why does SRv6 matter?

The short answer is: simplicity. For the expert take on why SRv6 matters, check out this video from the Juniper Cloud Metro AMA series, where we answer questions related to the next-gen Cloud Metro network.

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You’ll learn

  • How SRv6 helps simplify your network

  • How SRv6 affects network scalability, performance, and functionality

  • Why your hardware must be based on the latest silicone technology to support SRv6

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Irene Zhang
Irene Zhang
Director, Product Marketing, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Peter Chung
Peter Chung
Sr. Manager, Product Management, Juniper Networks


00:04 Welcome to Juniper Cloud Metro series, where we have experts to

00:08 answer your questions, any questions related to next-gen

00:12 Metro networks. I'm your host today, Irene Zhang, Director of

00:16 Product Marketing at Juniper Networks. Joining me today is

00:19 Peter Chung, Senior Product Manager at Juniper. Peter,

00:22 welcome. Today we have a question about why SRv6 matters

00:28 for next-gen Metro network?

00:30 Thank you. The very simple, quick answer would be the

00:34 simplicity. In the past four to five years, I think the industry

00:39 have a great successful proven success on the segment routing.

00:44 You try to support segment routing to a lot of legacy

00:48 functionality, including MPLS, including VXLAN. On top of that,

00:53 you need to have the 50 millisecond or a guarantee.

00:58 More importantly, the segment routing will bring you the

01:01 benefits for SRT. So basically, from the traffic engineering

01:06 perspective, you can leverage the Flex Algo. So ultimately,

01:10 you could provide the different service level agreement. So

01:13 there's the foundation of the overall network slicing, which

01:17 is software based.

01:19 So yes, we commit to some continue to drive business

01:22 solution. But consider if you customer like to picture four to

01:26 five years down the road, right. And it has become important for

01:31 them to accommodate the IoT technology on your Cloud Metro,

01:35 more specific with the 5G technology, then IPv6 is very

01:39 important.

01:40 So with SRv6, it gives you a tremendous benefit to simplify

01:45 your overall control plane underlay MPLS VXLAN, it gives

01:49 you simplicity very effectively, so you can have the all the

01:53 benefits of the same advantage we talked about.

01:56 The services, for layer 3 / layer 2 VPN, traffic

01:59 engineering, at the same time, to keep your native SRv6

02:03 benefits. Keep in mind, in order to support SRv6, you need

02:07 the products that on based on the latest silicon. So our ACX

02:11 7000 product family is based on the latest merchant silicon to

02:15 support SRv6, give you the scalability, performance and

02:20 overall of the future functionality. Thank you.

02:25 What else do you want to learn about the next generation Metro

02:28 networks? Send us your question by email at

02:34 and join us at our monthly live AMA session. You can find a date

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02:42 next time.

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