Brendan Gibbs, SVP, Automated WAN, Juniper Networks

Brendan Gibbs – Juniper Networks Expanded Cloud Metro Solutions

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Brendan Gibbs, SVP, Automated WAN, Juniper Networks
Still image of Brendan Gibbs, SVP, Automated WAN, Juniper Networks, standing in front of a video screen and a conference stage.

Brendan Gibbs – Juniper Networks Expanded Cloud Metro Solutions

Juniper Networks' Cloud Metro solutions portfolio - optimized for enabling sustainable business growth for service providers by bringing positive impact to profits, people and the planet holistically. In this video, Brendan Gibbs, Senior Vice President of Juniper Automated WAN solutions, shares more details - why we do it and how the expanded Cloud Metro solutions enable sustainable business growth.

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You’ll learn

  • How the expanded Cloud Metro solutions enable sustainable business growth

  • About Juniper Cloud Metro solutions portfolio

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Brendan Gibbs
SVP, Automated WAN, Juniper Networks


0:04 at Juniper Networks we're reimagining

0:07 your Metro Network by enabling

0:08 sustainable business growth through our

0:10 Innovative Cloud Metro solution powered

0:13 by Cloud delivered automation as a

0:15 service with integrated artificial

0:17 intelligence

0:18 Metro traffic is projected to grow by an

0:21 astounding 500 percent per year through

0:23 2027 and at the same time become the

0:26 springboard for distributed Service

0:28 delivery to customers this dramatic

0:30 change forces new capacity needs new

0:33 traffic patterns and new network

0:34 architectures all of which require a new

0:37 sustainable approach for the future

0:39 that's the cloud Metro where

0:41 connectivity cloud and customer

0:43 experiences converge

0:45 traditional retro Metro platforms are

0:48 already under significant strain which

0:50 demands that digital transformation and

0:52 new services like 5G brings architected

0:55 for the needs of the past they just

0:57 can't keep up with network and service

0:58 demands for the future

1:00 but delivering a consistent high quality

1:02 of experience both for customers and

1:04 operators alike matter in this new world

1:06 of the cloud Metro and that's why we're

1:08 enabling sustainable operations with the

1:11 industry's first Cloud delivered

1:13 automation as a service for the cloud

1:14 Metro with Paragon reducing time to

1:17 service introduction from months to

1:19 minutes with dramatic improvements in

1:21 productivity and speed our powerful

1:23 device onboarding use case is just one

1:25 example you see for how we're automating

1:27 Network turn up to make it instantaneous

1:29 secured and error-free an integrated AI

1:33 promises to make life easier for

1:35 operators with reduced trouble tickets

1:37 faster time to incident resolution and

1:39 new insights to optimize networks

1:41 further and now we're delivering

1:43 unprecedented breakthroughs in truly

1:45 sustainable systems with our new ACX

1:48 7000 family of cloud Metro routers

1:50 delivering exceptional 400 gig eport

1:52 density on a selection of both fixed and

1:55 modular based platforms designed to

1:57 support a variety of Metro locations and

1:59 use cases while reducing carbon

2:01 footprint and E-Waste at the same time

2:03 with up to 77 reduction in power

2:06 consumption the Juniper sustainable IP

2:09 service fabric provides future-proof

2:11 performance that supports both scale up

2:13 and scale out deployments the fabric

2:16 also now includes both embedded active

2:18 assurance and integrated zero trust

2:20 security which now represents the new

2:22 Baseline for the Next Generation

2:24 networking infrastructure for the cloud

2:25 Metro if it's not assured and secured it

2:28 belongs to the past with the rest of the

2:30 Retro Metro Solutions

2:32 each new Juniper ACX 7000 platform

2:35 features a unique cryptographically

2:37 signed device identity stored in TPM 2.0

2:40 silicon to ensure that every system in a

2:43 cloud Metro network is secured and will

2:45 monitor all of these systems from the

2:47 cloud in real time with our Paragon

2:49 automation as a service giving you a

2:52 network-wide security trust door to

2:54 provide peace of mind about security

2:55 posture of the entire network

2:57 infrastructure

2:59 additionally Paragon active Assurance

3:02 test agents are now embedded directly in

3:04 every ACX 7000 platform turning the

3:07 cloud Metro Network into a sensor that

3:09 proactively measures and ensures user

3:11 experience at the service layer at real

3:14 time

3:15 we've augmented this with new

3:16 functionality to assure service quality

3:18 for 5G Mobility networks with the

3:20 ability to generate three gpp compliant

3:23 traffic on the data plane for end-to-end

3:25 service Assurance from 5G endpoints in

3:27 the ram all the way through to the 5G

3:29 packet core Juniper is uniquely able to

3:32 deliver a complete sustainable solution

3:35 for the new Cloud Metro I am thrilled to

3:37 be announcing all of these Innovations

3:39 and I'm really excited to work with our

3:41 customers to help them realize the

3:42 benefits that they make possible


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