Juniper Flex Licensing

The Juniper Flex licensing program offers choice in how networking is consumed. We have made licensing easy, so you purchase only what you need and keep what you buy. Flex offers:


  • Perpetual AND subscription options
  • Inclusive of products across enterprise, data center, service provider, and security
  • Platforms, software, and SaaS products are all consistently aligned to technology use cases


  • What you buy is what you keep 
  • No hidden fees for features
  • Lower entry price points for foundational use cases
  • Access to advanced use cases


  • Physical, virtual, and cloud solutions
  • One, three, and five-year subscription terms
  • Portability of subscription software

Key Features

  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Optionality

Features + Benefits

Flex enables choice with an easy way to purchase Juniper solutions ranging across:

  • Software on high performance platforms - PTX, MX, QFX, EX, SRX, NFX, and ACX Series
  • Software on Juniper, virtual, and cloud platforms - vMX, vSRX, cSRX, and cRPD
  • Standalone software and services – Contrail, Paragon Automation, Wi-Fi/Wired/WAN Assurance

With Juniper Flex, you can right-size your network investments according to the needs of your organization. And if things change, adding new capabilities or moving between platforms within a device class is not a problem.

And by the way, Flex enables advanced capabilities including:

  • Wired Assurance for cloud management and AI-Driven support and operations
  • EVPN-VXLAN, QinQ, and VRRP on the PTX
  • Fine grained QoS and additional FIB and LSP scale on the QFX migrating to PTX

Further, routing use cases are completely aligned between MX and PTX platforms as are data center use cases between QFX and PTX platforms for operational consistency and ease.


In many cases, Juniper Flex introduces a lower entry price point for foundational use cases compared to traditional licensing. Further, both perpetual and subscription licensing options within Flex can also yield additional TCO savings.


All these solutions and more are offered in a simple, three-tiered model for software that is integrated onto Juniper platforms; runs on either Juniper or third-party platforms including cloud; or is offered as SaaS.



Juniper Care is included with every Juniper Flex subscription software package to make it easier to keep your network running reliably using award-winning, technical, and operational support. Hardware and basic software support are available directly from Juniper or through certified technical partners.

Juniper Advanced and Premium Care packages are also available for greater levels of personalization and access. Further, Juniper’s Advisory and Professional Services can help reduce implementation complexity and further accelerate your network’s time to value.



We’re enabling our vision of networking for the cloud era with software and AI across Automated WAN Solutions, the Cloud Ready Data Center, the AI-Driven Enterprise, and Connected Security.


Complement Flex with Juniper Care Services. Our technical and operational support can help you meet the demands of your network and keep it running reliably, while protecting your high-performance investment.