Tata Play Fiber charts 400G path to super-fast Internet in India

Tata Play Fiber is winning customers’ hearts with super-fast Internet and bingeworthy content. With a hyper-focus on customer experience and technology innovation, the company is rapidly expanding in Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, and other major markets in India.

To meet exponential consumer demand and the needs of hybrid work, Tata Play Fiber chose the Juniper Cloud Metro solution for a sustainable, scalable network.


Company Tata Play Fiber
Industry Service Provider
Products used ACX7100ACX710EX4650
Region APAC
Tata Play Fiber Hero
Customer Success At-a-glance

Offers super-fast Internet speeds with 99.95+ percent uptime in India’s major markets

Clear path to 400G to support profitable growth at scale

Open, programmable network supports automation of service delivery


Double-digit growth for super-fast Internet

Tata Play Fiber set out to enhance the scale and agility of its regional networks. It wanted to enable an immediate 10-fold increase in capacity and set its course to 400G.

“We are a young company that aspires to become the best Internet experience player in India,” says Sachin Deshpande, senior vice president of technology and field service delivery at Tata Play Fiber.

The company’s customers enjoy 1-Gbps Internet, with a consistent experience across their heaviest streaming, gaming, work-from-home, and smart home applications. Attractive plans and excellent customer service lure more and more customers.

Sachin says the company is planning for a fast growth on the back of the Superlative Customer experience.

“We saw the blazing bandwidth demands at the start of the pandemic, and it’s not really going down,” says Sachin. “When you couple the enhanced bandwidth consumption with our business growth, we need to be prepared for the future.” 

Tata Play Fiber Challenge

Automate and scale fiber Internet services

“We are investing in innovation, automation for service delivery, and excellent customer service,” says Sachin. 

Tata Play Fiber chose Juniper ACX Series Universal Metro Routers for its regional networks to allow the distribution of content closer to subscribers. With Juniper, the company can increase capacity and performance while streamlining service delivery to allow profitable growth at scale. 

“With a 400G-ready platform, we are ready to scale capacity as traffic grows,” says Sachin. 

The Juniper ACX7100 Universal Metro Router is used for the aggregation networks and the ACX710 serves the access layer. Juniper’s Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) subscriber management solution simplifies the delivery of bundled services, including Internet, content, and home security.

The open programmability of a Juniper network is integral as Tata Play Fiber automates service delivery. Automation speeds home installation and troubleshooting.  

Tata Play Fiber Solution

Capitalize on a massive opportunity

The potential is immense: Less than half of the people in India had Internet as of 2022.

Tata Play Fiber can transform the lives of people across the markets that it operates, whether they use the Internet to relax, work, or run their smart homes. Gigabit Internet can also support post-pandemic recovery for small businesses.

“After two years of the pandemic, people and businesses are sharply increasing their activities,” says Sachin. “We expect to see rapid subscriber growth in our middle-size and big cities.”

Sachin anticipates that the superlative quality of Experience will drive even more customer demand. “Our per-subscriber broadband consumption is increasing as people have more Internet-connected devices at home and increasingly switch to unlimited data plans,” he says.

Tata Play Fiber Outcome
“Tata Play Fiber offers super-fast Internet speeds with 99.95+ percent uptime over a fiber network in India’s major markets. Our hyper-focus on customer experience, combined with our technology leadership, allows us to deliver exceptional direct-to-home Internet and entertainment experiences to meet exponential consumer demand and the needs of hybrid work. With the Juniper ACX7100 underpinning our 400G deployment, we can meet our goals for profitable growth and customer experience satisfaction with a network that is automated, sustainable, and scalable as new service opportunities emerge.”
Sachin Deshpande Senior Vice President, Technology and Field Service Delivery, Tata Play Fiber
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Published July 2022