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ACG HotSeat: Juniper Networks' Julius Francis & Jai Thattil Discuss the Cloud Metro Space

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Aug 15, 2022

Updates on the new metro: Use cases, technologies, and challenges to overcome

The metro can drive new service opportunities for operators and improved experiences for network users. It’s where connectivity, edge hosting, and service experiences converge. At the same time, Open RAN (open radio access network) provides opportunities to optimize the radio resource and deliver innovations faster to end users. Juniper’s Julius Francis and Jai Thattil join ACG Research CEO Ray Mota to discuss the transformation in metro networking and the ORAN space.

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You’ll learn

  • What’s happening in the new metro as it becomes “a new edge”

  • About emerging use cases and technologies

  • The roles Juniper plays in innovating for the Metro space

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Ray Mota Headshot
Ray Mota
CEO, ACG Research

Guest speakers

Julius Francis Headshot
Julius Francis
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Juniper Networks
Jai Thattil Headshot
Jai Thattil
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Juniper Networks