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Logging cflowd Flows on M and T Series Routers Before Export

To collect the cflowd flows in a log file before they are exported, include the local-dump statement at the [edit forwarding-options sampling output flow-server hostname] hierarchy level:

By default, the flows are collected in /var/log/sampled; to change the filename, include the filename statement at the [edit forwarding-options sampling traceoptions] hierarchy level. For more information about changing the filename, see Configuring Traffic Sampling Output.


Because the local-dump statement adds extra overhead, you should use it only while debugging cflowd problems, not during normal operation.

The following is an example of the flow information. The AS number exported is the origin AS number. All flows that belong under a cflowd header are dumped, followed by the header itself:

[... 41 more version 5 flow entries; then the following header:]