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Examples: Configuring Junos Packet Vision on M, T, and MX Series Routers

The following example shows all parts of a complete Junos Packet Vision configuration with IPv4 and IPv6 flow intercepts:


The following example applies only to M Series and T Series routers, except M160 and TX Matrix routers. For MX Series routers, because the flow-tap application resides in the Packet Forwarding Engine rather than a service PIC or Dense Port Concentrator (DPC), the Packet Forwarding Engine must send the packet to a tunnel logical (vt-) interface to encapsulate the intercepted packet. In such a scenario, you need to allocate a tunnel interface and assign it to the dynamic flow capture process for FlowTapLite to use.

The following example shows a FlowTapLite configuration that intercepts IPv4 and IPv6 flows: