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Understanding Junos Packet Vision

Junos Capture Vision (previously known as dynamic flow capture) enables you to capture packet flows on the basis of dynamic filtering criteria, using Dynamic Tasking Control Protocol (DTCP) requests. Junos Packet Vision is a Junos OS application that performs lawful intercept of packet flows, using Dynamic Tasking Control Protocol (DTCP). The application extends the use of DTCP to intercept IPv4 and IPv6 packets in an active monitoring router and send a copy of packets that match filter criteria to one or more content destinations. Junos Packet Vision was previously know as flow-tap application.

Junos Packet Vision data can be used in the following applications:

  • Flexible trend analysis for detection of new security threats

  • Lawful intercept

Junos Packet Vision is supported on M Series and T Series routers, except M160 and TX Matrix routers. Junos Packet Vision filters are applied on all IPv4 traffic and do not add any perceptible delay in the forwarding path. Junos Packet Vision filters can also be applied on IPv6 traffic. For security, filters installed by one client are not visible to others and the CLI configuration does not reveal the identity of the monitored target. A lighter version of the application is supported on MX Series routers only.