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Replicating M, MX and T Series Routing Engine-Based Sampling to Multiple Flow Servers

Routing Engine-based sampling supports up to eight flow servers for both flow monitoring version 5 and version 8 configurations. The total number of flow servers is limited to eight, regardless of how many are configured for version 5 or version 8.

When you configure version 5 or version 8 sampling, the export packets are replicated to all flow servers configured to receive them. If two flow servers are configured to receive version 5 records, both flow servers will receive records for a specified flow.


With Routing-Engine-based sampling, if multiple flow servers are configured with version 8 export format, all of them must use the same aggregation type (for example, all flow servers receiving version 8 export could be configured for source-destination aggregation type).

The following configuration example allows replication of export packets to two flow servers.