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Configuring M, MX and T Series Routers for Discard Accounting with a Template

Flow monitoring version 9, which is based on RFC 3954, provides a way to organize flow data into templates. Version 9 also provides a way to actively monitor IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, and peer AS billing traffic. Version 9 is not supported on the AS-I PIC.

To activate templates in flow monitoring, you must configure a template and include that template in the version 9 flow monitoring configuration. Version 9 does not work in conjunction with versions 5 and 8.

To configure a version 9 template, include the template template-name statement at the [edit services flow-monitoring version9] hierarchy level. The Junos OS supports five different templates: ipv4-template, ipv6–template, mpls-template, mpls-ipv4-template, and peer-as-billing-template. To view the fields selected in each of these templates, see Flow Monitoring Version 9 Format Output Fields.

You can export to multiple templates at a time to a maximum of eight flow servers for AS PICs and one flow server for all other PICs. To assign a template to a flow output, include the template template-name statement at the [edit forwarding options sampling output flow-server version9] hierarchy level: