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Configuring Inline Active Flow Monitoring on MX80 and MX104 Routers

To configure inline active flow monitoring on MX80 and MX104 routers:

  1. Associate a sampling instance with the Forwarding Engine Processor.

    For the MX80:

    The Forwarding Engine Processor slot is always 0 because MX80 and MX104 routers have only one Packet Forwarding Engine. In this MX80 configuration, the sampling instance is sample-ins1.

    For the MX104:


    MX80 and MX104 routers support only one sampling instance.

  2. Under forwarding-options, configure a sampling instance for the flow server and inline jflow instances (these be configured in the following steps):
  3. Configure the rate at the [edit forwarding-options sampling instance instance-name input] hierarchy level to apply specific values for the sampling instance sample-ins1.

    In this configuration, the rate is 1000.

  4. Navigate to the output hierarchy and from there, enable a flow server and then specify the output address and port:
  5. Return to the output hierarchy and specify the source address for inline jflow:

    In this configuration, the source address is

  6. Specify the output properties.

The following is an example of the sampling configuration for an instance that supports inline active flow monitoring on MX80 routers:


You need not configure a Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC) slot because MX80 routers have only one Packet Forwarding Engine.

The following considerations apply to the inline flow-monitoring instance configuration:

  • This configuration does not support MPLS-IPv6.

  • Clip-size is not supported.