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Guidelines for Configuring an MX Series Router to Transmit Per-Service Throughput to an External Log Collector

Observe the following guidelines while configuring this functionality on MX Series routers with MS-MPCs and MS-MICs:

  • If the syslog server is unreachable, the router cannot send information to the log collector.

  • After a graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES) procedure, the newly functioning active Routing Engine starts sending the data to the server after the configured time interval, which is similar to a reset operation. The time elapsed in the active interval and data before GRES are not preserved.

  • The time range must be from 60 through 86400 seconds (24 hours).

  • If the timer is not configured, the default value of 300 seconds is assumed.

  • The throughput data can be sent only if a service is up and running.

  • Only maximum throughput is transmitted for the last 300 seconds or the configured time interval.

  • The throughput value must not be less than zero to enable transmission. The data is sent based on the timezone of the router.

  • An acknowledgment mechanism for data sent to the log collector is not supported. The router does not receive any acknowledgement regarding whether the data is already written into the log collector.

  • The router does not maintain throughput data beyond the configurable time interval.

  • No mechanisms exist to track if the log collector is successfully receiving the sent data or if the log server is reachable.

  • The time interval and log collector are common for all the services; you cannot configure a different period for collection of logs for each service or a different log collector for each service.

  • You cannot clear the system throughput value using a CLI command. It is assumed that the throughput value is not cleared or changed from outside. Throughput must be calculated internally by services and must not be manually modified by a CLI.

  • SNMP support for these values is not available.

  • The log collector performs a 95 percentile calculation of throughput data. Syslogs are sent even in scaled system conditions to the log collector for the throughput data related to the configured services.

  • The following is the format of the syslogs configured to be sent at the prescribed frequency:

    An example is as follows: