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Flow Monitoring Output Formats

When you implement passive flow monitoring and active flow monitoring, you should be familiar with flow monitoring formats and fields. Version 5 and version 8 export data into specified fields. Version 9 exports data into templates.

The flow monitoring station monitors the traffic flow and exports the data in flow format to an external server. The Junos OS collects information about the following fields:

  • Source and destination IP address

  • Total number of bytes and packets sent

  • Start and end times of the data flow

  • Source and destination port numbers

  • TCP flags

  • IP protocol and IP type of service

  • Originating AS of source and destination address

  • Source and destination address prefix mask lengths

  • Next-hop router’s IP address

  • MPLS label (version 9 only)

  • ICMP (version 9 only)

Detailed descriptions of the formats are available as follows: