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Exporting Syslog Messages to an External Host Without Flow Monitoring Formats Using an MX Series Router or NFX250

Until Junos OS Release 14.2R1, the only mechanism you can use to generate logs for NAT sessions was by enabling system logging for service sets and transferring syslog messages to either the internal local host on the Routing Engine or to an external host server. When a syslog is enabled with the class or component being NAT logs and session logs configured, NAT events are recorded. A sample of one such syslog output is as follows:

From the preceding syslog output, it denotes that NAT create log (NAT translation) and delete log (NAT release) are generated during session events as a part of session-logs configuration. Another important log that is NAT pool exhaustion (not illustrated in the preceding example) is generated as a part of NAT-logs configuration. Such an event message might be caused by Address pooling paired (APP), endpoint-independent mapping (EIM), or address and port exhaustion.