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Example: Configuring Flow Collection

Figure 1 shows the path traveled by monitored traffic as it passes through the router. Packets arrive at input interfaces so-0/1/0, so-3/0/0, and so-3/1/0. The raw packets are directed into a filter-based forwarding routing instance and processed into cflowd records by the monitoring services interfaces mo-7/1/0, mo-7/2/0, and mo-7/3/0. The cflowd records are compressed into files at the flow collector interfaces cp-6/0/0 and cp-7/0/0 and sent to the FTP server for analysis. Finally, a mandatory class-of-service (CoS) configuration is applied to export channels 0 and 1 on the flow collector interfaces to manage the outgoing processed files.

Figure 1: Flow Collector Interface Topology DiagramFlow Collector Interface Topology Diagram