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QFX5700 Power System

The QFX5700 switch is powered by 3000 W redundant hot-removable and hot-insertable pre-installed AC/HDVC or DC power supplies. QFX5700-BASE Configuration(One RCB and one FEB) requires 1 + 1 PSU redundancy and QFX5700-PREMIUM Configuration requires 2+2 PSU redundancy. If you choose the QFX5700-BASE Configuration, this can be connected to the same source or two separate sources for 1+1 redundancy. When you choose the QFX5700-PREMIUM Configuration option, if you have the same power source you would need 2+1PSU redundancy and if you have two separate power sources, you would need 2+2 PSU redundancy. If any power supply unit fails, you can replace it without powering off or disrupting the routing function, the other power supply units will balance the electrical load without interruption. Each power supply unit has two outputs: 12 V and 12 V standby. Two counter-rotating fans in each power supply unit provide front to back cooling. The input voltages are as follows:

  • AC input voltage range: 200 - 277 VAC

  • DC input voltage range: 40 VDC Min, 72 VDC maximum


Do not mix AC and DC power supplies in the same chassis.

QFX5700 Power Supply Description

The input power to the AC/HVDC power supplies can be AC power or HVDC power. The power supplies automatically detect whether there is AC or HVDC input voltage and manage the power accordingly. AC power can be 180–305 VAC input voltage and HVDC power can be 190–400 VDC input voltage. Each 3000- W AC/HVDC power supply unit has a single AC or HVDC input and provides 12 V power to the system.

Power plug connector
Ejector level
Status LED
Orange handle

The QFX5700 operates within the AC/HVDC input voltage range listed in the table below.

Table 1: QX5700 AC/HVDC Power Specifications





Input voltage (AC)

180 VAC

200–277 VAC

305 VAC

Input voltage (HVDC)

190 VAC

240–380 VDC

400 VDC

AC input line frequency

47 Hz

50–60 Hz

63 Hz

Figure 1 shows the location of the AC power supplies on the QFX5700 FRU panel.

Figure 1: QFX5700 with Power Supplies InstalledQFX5700 with Power Supplies Installed
Fan trays

QFX5700 AC/HVDC Power Supply LEDs

Each QFX5700 AC power supply has a status LED on the power supply faceplate. QFX5700 switch AC/HVDC power supply unit uses an amber and green bi–color LED to indicate the operating state.

Power Supply LED




The PSU is on and operating properly



Power supply does not have AC power



The power supply unit shut down due to a critical event. Possible causes: high temperature, high power, high current, fan failure



The power supply unit is operating but there are warning events. Possible conditions: high temp (inlet temperature is greater than 53 degrees or a hot spot temperature is greater than 95 degrees), high power, high current, slow fan (less than 1200 rpm)


Blinking amber

PSU output disabled by system software or other PSU in chassis on with 12VSB.



You can get additional information about the status of the power supply units using the show chassis powercommand and the show chassis power detailcommand.

QFX5700 AC Power Cord Specifications

Detachable AC power cords are shipped with the chassis if you include them as part of your order. The plug end of the power cord fits into the power source outlet that is standard for your geographical location.


In North America, AC power cords must not exceed 14.75 feet (approximately 4.5 meters) in length, to comply with National Electrical Code (NEC) Sections 400-8 (NFPA 75, 5-2.2) and 210-52 and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Section 4-010(3). The cords that can be ordered for the QFX5700 are in compliance.

Table 2 lists AC power cord specifications provided for each country or region.

Table 2: QFX5700 Power Cord Specifications


Cord Set Rating

Plug Standards

Spare Juniper Model Number



250 VAC, 20 A,

IRAM 2073 Type RA/3


Australia and New Zealand

250 VAC, 20 A

AS/NZS 4417



250 VAC, 20 A

NBR 14136 Type BR/3



250 VAC, 20 A



Europe (except Italy, Switzerland, and United Kingdom)

250 VAC, 20 A



Great Britain

250 VAC, 20 A




250 VAC, 20 A

SANS 164/1



250 VAC, 20 A

SI 32/1971 Type IL/3G



250 VAC, 20 A

CEI 23-16


North America

250 VAC, 25 A/30 A

C20 to Anderson 3-5958p4


North America

250 VAC, 25 A/30 A

Locking NEMA L6-20P


North America

250 VAC, 25 A/30 A

NEMA 6-20P


North America

250 VAC, 25 A/30 A



North America

250 VAC, 25 A/30 A

IEC 320P6W


South Africa

250 VAC, 25 A/30 A

SANS 164/1



250 VAC, 25 A/30 A

CEI 23-50


QFX5700 DC Power Supply Description

The QFX5700 DC power supplies are hot-removable and hot-insertable FRUs. Each 3000 W power supply unit has a single DC input and provides 12 VDC output with a standby voltage of 12 VDC.

DC input current selector (DIP switch)
Inlet terminal block
Ejector Lever

QFX5700 DC Power Supply LED

Each QFX5700 DC power supply unit has a status LED on the power supply unit faceplate.

Power supply status LED

LED Color

Power Supply State

Solid green

The power supply unit is on and in the OK state.


The power supplies do not have DC power

Blinking green

PSU output disabled by system software or other PSU in chassis ON with 12VSB.

Solid amber

The DC power cord is unplugged but the second power supply unit still has DC power

Blinking amber

The power supply unit is operating but there are warning events. Possible causes: high temp, high power, high current, slow fan

The 60 A DC power supply unit capacity changes when the input voltage is below or above the under voltage limit as follows:

  • When the 60 A DC power supply unit input voltage is above the input under voltage warning limit, its capacity is 2700 W.

  • When the input voltage is below the input under voltage warning limit, the power supply unit capacity is reduced to 2200 W.

When the input voltage is above the input under voltage warning limit, the software adjusts the system capacity and reallocates power to the FRUs based on the new system capacity.

QFX5700 DC Power Lugs

The accessory box shipped with the QFX5700 includes the cable lugs that attach to the terminal studs of each power supply module. (The cable lug shown in Figure 36 on page 61 is also used for grounding the chassis). The cable lugs are dual hole and sized to fit M6 at 15.86-mm (0.625-in.) center line. For grounding, the lug that should be used can be LCC4-14AH-Q as per local code.

QFX5700 DC Power Cables

You must supply the DC power cables that meet the specifications required by the local code, laws, and standards. The insulation color of the wires are color coded. Green is ground, black is line, and white is neutral. The wires are labeled (+) and (–) to indicate their polarity.


You must ensure that power connections maintain the proper polarity.


For field-wiring connections, use copper conductors only.


DC Power cables must not block access to QFX5700 components or drape where people could trip on them.