A Network Edge Optimized For Your Business Objectives

Automate your service creation and delivery at scale.

Innovation alone isn’t enough to succeed in highly competitive markets; to win you must also increase your operational efficiency. Addressing this need, Juniper’s edge solutions include a comprehensive set of network and service automation tools, letting you automate what you want, when you want, in order to streamline operations and maintain profitability.

At the heart of our automation capabilities is Junos® OS, which offers a suite of tools that automate operational and configuration tasks. These tools include the Juniper Extension Toolkit, which provides a rich set of open APIs that enable third-party developers to build highly customized applications that interact with native Junos OS features to address your unique requirements.

Application-aware networking, based on Junos OS, leverages deep packet inspection technology and the programmable Trio chipset. This capability is available for MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers. When used with our Contrail Cloud Platform, application-aware networking enables policy-based traffic-handling and traffic direction into complex service chains, with no human intervention required. These service chains can include Juniper Network Edge Services and virtualized network functions (VNFs) from Juniper and third parties.

Our Cloud CPE solution enables automated service provisioning and even customer self-service to speed your time to revenue. The solution includes Contrail Cloud Platform, Contrail Service Orchestration, and both virtualized and on-premises routing, security, and services options.

Managing the entire edge solution is Junos Space, while automation of your service configuration and provisioning is performed by purpose-built Junos Space applications such as Security Director, Services Activation Director, and Virtual Director. And with the Junos Space SDK, your team can develop customized applications for your specific management needs.

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How we put it together
  • Contrail Service Orchestration

    Orchestrates the entire service lifecycle, from creation to delivery, in a modular open framework.

  • Junos Space

    Comprehensive network management solution that simplifies and automates management of Juniper’s switching, routing, and security devices.

  • Contrail Cloud

    A foundational element of Juniper's open cloud networking and NFV solutions.