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Configuring Bonded Management Interfaces

You can bond the management interface on JSA hardware.

You can bond the management interfaces during the JSA installation process, or after installation by following these steps.

You can bond non-management interfaces in the JSA user interface after installation. See “Configuring network interfaces” bonding in Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide for more information about configuring non-management interfaces.

Bonding modes 1 and 4 are supported. Mode 4 is the default.


You must be physically logged in to your appliance, for example through IMM or iDRAC, for these steps. Do not use ssh for these steps.

  1. Change your network setup by typing the command qchange_netsetup:


    If you attempt to run qchange_netsetup over a serial connection, the connection can be misidentified as a network connection. To run over a serial connection use qchange_netsetup -y . This command allows you to bypass the validation check that detects a network connection.


    Verify all external storage which is not /store/ariel or /store is not mounted.

  2. Select the protocol version that is used for the appliance.

  3. Select Yes to continue with bonded network interface configuration.

  4. Select interfaces to configure as bonded interfaces. The interfaces that you select must not already be configured.

  5. Enter the bonding options. For more information about configuring specific bonding options, see your vendor-specific operating system documentation.

  6. Update any network information settings as needed. Your appliance restarts automatically.

  7. Log in to the appliance and verify the configuration.