Protecting App Infrastructure in the Data Center and Cloud Environments

While you may have secured your data center through a perimeter of firewalls, such security measures just won’t cut it in today’s world. Today, threats can come from within the network, because intra–data center traffic is becoming increasingly more difficult to monitor and secure. On top of this, the proliferation of cloud-based applications which businesses rely upon to grow and thrive give rise to more vulnerabilities than ever before.

Juniper understands why this makes you uneasy and developed this summary proposal that outlines these security challenges, with an emphasis on data center security. It addresses their new security vision and their security solutions for the data center.

Learn how to:

  • Fight back against sophisticated hackers and their targeted attacks.
  • Protect your North/South traffic with application-focused security based on the industry’s most powerful data center firewall.
  • Protect your East/West traffic by monitoring any threats that slip past your perimeter.
  • Prevent threats to your cloud applications by micro-segmenting traffic over a multi-tenant network.

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