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We Might Need a Wi-FI Upgrade - Juniper Networks Showcase

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Photo of a perplexed Linus Sebastian, CEO, Linus Tech Tips looking hard left at a Wi-Fi device with a frown and his left hand on this chin.

The future of Wi-Fi is here. It’s name is Marvis.

Nothing is more frustrating than tackling WI-FI issues. The Marvis Conversational Assistant, driven by Mist AI, can save you hours of time troubleshooting problems. Linus Sebastian demonstrates how in this entertaining episode of Linus Tech Tips.

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You’ll learn

  • What makes Marvis so amazing (the list goes on and on)

  • How exactly Marvis can help you easily troubleshoot connectivity issues 

  • If Marvis is actually smarter than man (i.e., Linus)

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


Linus Sebastian Headshot
Linus Sebastian
CEO, Linus Tech Tips