Kate Adam, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Connected Security, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks SASE (SD-WAN + SSE) Webinar and Demo Preview

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A slide with a photo of a woman looking at a laptop on the right and text on the left. The text reads, “Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Defined by Gartner. Is a security framework prescribing the conversions of security and network connectivity technologies into a single cloud-delivered platform to enable secure and fast cloud transformation. SASE provides FAST, RELIABLE and SECURE ACCESS to applications from anywhere in the world with consistent policies for users whether they are at home, in the office or on the road.” There is also text within a blue circle that reads, “At least 40% of enterprises will have explicit strategies to adopt SASE.”

See why SASE requires strong SD-WAN and Security

Learn from Kate Adam, Sr. Director of Connected Security at Juniper Networks, why you need the best of both worlds. Then watch the full demonstration of Juniper’s SASE solution, plus learn about day-2 user experience monitoring with our Juniper Mist® WAN Assurance technology. Additional topics include business drivers for SASE, SD-WAN 101, and the pillars of AI-driven SD-WAN.  

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You’ll learn

  • The components of Juniper's SD-WAN driven by Mist AI and Secure Edge

  • Why you should choose SASE from Juniper Networks vs. other vendors

  • What is SVR (Secure Vector Routing) and how it can reclaim 30–50% of bandwidth

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


Kate Adam Headshot
Kate Adam
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Connected Security, Juniper Networks


0:00 there are some companies out there that

0:01 have a have a a strong security offering

0:04 but they don't have sd-wan or they don't

0:07 have ai driven sd-wan right it's just it

0:09 just doesn't uh it just doesn't cut it

0:13 and then vice versa right you have

0:14 companies out there who have you know

0:16 decent sd-wan but they don't have strong

0:19 security and there are some companies

0:21 out there that you know

0:24 say they have security but they can't

0:27 actually block things which defeats the

0:29 purpose of a security offering and so

0:33 for sassy you really need to have both

0:35 you need to have a strong sd-wan

0:39 offering a strong sd-wan solution to

0:41 make sure that your users get what they

0:44 need when they need it reliable fast and

0:48 that your operators can make sure those

0:50 users get what they need without having

0:52 a ton of extra work to do

0:54 and then on the security side having

0:57 that strong security offering making

0:59 sure that whether your users again they

1:02 have the same consistent security

1:04 whether they are on or off the network

1:06 wherever they go They're consistent and

1:09 effective security follows them and it's

1:11 easy to administer from an operator

1:13 perspective this is this is The Sassy

1:18 Nirvana

1:20 um that you know Juniper has been

1:22 driving towards because

1:24 you guys our customers have said time

1:26 time again this is what you need this is

1:28 what you need to really you know make

1:31 your I.T and security operations much

1:34 more effective with what you currently

1:36 have the team resources you currently

1:38 have

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