Design Your Network for Virtualization

Planning a strategic approach to the cloud and virtualization is vital in today’s distributed business model. In this webinar, we’ll address how enterprises are being forced to build new data centers, adopt clouds, and move existing servers to geographically distributed locations. You’ll learn how this new approach to data requires nonstop, reliable, and secure access to critical business applications for users anywhere, anytime.

Connecting and sharing these resources securely across the landscape of multi-site data centers and clouds is not a choice, it’s a requirement. In fact, virtual networking and software defined networking (SDN), which are often lauded as game changers, can complicate the process of planning a smooth transition into the cloud. You’ll gain an understanding of the difficulties associated with interconnecting data centers, and the close coordination required across different IT teams.

See how our holistic solutions to interconnecting data centers and clouds simplify and accelerate the process. In just under an hour, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge necessary to deploy and deliver applications within and across your virtualized and SDN-enabled applications in the cloud.

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