Gordon Mackintosh, VP, Global Channels & Virtual Sales, Juniper Networks

Bold Partnerships | Juniper Global Summit

Global Summit 2021
Gordon Mackintosh

Bold partnerships win big.

Learn how Juniper partners have been successful in helping their customers deliver exceptional business outcomes. Hear from Gordon Mackintosh, VP, Global Channels and Virtual Sales, about the bold ways Juniper helps make our partners’ journey easier.

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You’ll learn

  • How to create winning partnerships 

  • How to leverage Juniper’s partner program to grow your business

  • How to accelerate time to market with acquisitions 

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Gordon Mackintosh Headshot
Gordon Mackintosh
VP, Global Channels and Virtual Sales, Juniper Networks

Guest speakers

Russell Crampin Headshot
Russell Crampin
Managing Director, Axians UK
Peter Bartels Headshot
Peter Bartels
Sr. Business Development Manager, Telstra Purple
David Pritchard Headshot
David Pritchard
Solutions Engineer, SHI International
Manoj Kanodia Headshot
Manoj Kanodia
CEO, Inspira Enterprises


0:00 [music]

0:07 -It's already been six months since our global virtual partner summit.

0:13 Back then I told you that Juniper is on the crest

0:16 of a wave and that we had tremendous opportunity ahead.

0:20 I really encouraged you to be bold with Juniper and to make investments

0:25 so that we could take advantage of the opportunity ahead.

0:31 All of this was during a time of great uncertainty.

0:36 We asked you to make investments when others were de-investing.

0:42 We asked you to go above and beyond with our technology

0:47 and expand your Juniper practice, and guess what?

0:52 It's working. We've built a flywheel for success.

0:57 We're starting to get to critical mass and we're driving energy

1:03 and momentum at a pace that no one thought possible.

1:08 You made all of this happen.

1:11 The results exiting 2020 were just phenomenal.

1:17 We saw our deal registration business just go off the charts.

1:21 We saw our virtual sales organization sailing

1:24 into the commercial growing in the mid-20s.

1:27 The investments that you made really deepens our partnership.

1:34 It's not really a surprise to me though.

1:37 When you look at what's going on there at the moment,

1:40 Juniper is uniquely positioned with tremendous technology

1:45 that's highly differentiated.

1:47 It's being recognized by industry-leading analysts.

1:52 We've also invested in our go-to-market and in our partner program

1:57 and then built some world-class partnerships with you.

2:02 With all that said, we still have relatively low market share in certain segments.

2:09 If we can keep this momentum going,

2:12 and we can keep being bold, we're going to continue to keep winning together.

2:19 Today, we're going to talk about how we can accelerate our momentum together.

2:24 Firstly, I'm going to talk about creating winning partnerships,

2:28 how we can continue to invest together to win in the marketplace.

2:34 Secondly, winning rewards,

2:36 how you can leverage our partner program to win big with Juniper.

2:41 Then lastly, winning with our technology and acquisitions.

2:46 How can we accelerate our time to market with their acquisitions,

2:50 and build out new business models to reach new customers?

2:56 Firstly, let's talk about winning partnerships.

3:00 We're going to continue to invest in our partner community like never before,

3:05 $100 million of investment this year,

3:09 and to our partner program and supporting resources.

3:13 We've also made some very recent additional investments

3:16 into our virtual sales organization based on the success of last year

3:21 to generate even more demand together.

3:24 Then lastly, we're going to focus on ease of doing business

3:27 and deliver a better partner experience.

3:32 Speaking with many of you over the last few weeks and months,

3:37 it's clear to me that you're also making investments.

3:41 You've taken on the challenge to be bold,

3:44 and that you're winning more with Juniper with that extended

3:48 Juniper footprint within your business.

3:51 It feels right now that the fish are really jumping onto the boat,

3:54 which is a great feeling.

3:57 We asked you to invest in trainings and proof of concepts, which you did.

4:03 When we get to a proof of concept stage with a customer

4:07 with your support, we typically win.

4:11 This is another winning formula that we need to continue

4:15 and even pour more fuel on the fire.

4:21 Talking about winning partnerships,

4:24 I'd like to give a big call out to our distribution partners.

4:28 As we all know, we're living through some really challenging times

4:32 and the role that distribution has played

4:35 over the last 12 months has been monumental.

4:38 They've ensured that we've had high levels of inventory.

4:43 They've made sure that critical infrastructure has got

4:46 to where it needed to be, at the right time.

4:49 They've also extended liquidity out into the channel,

4:53 through extended payment terms, helping all of you as well as our customers.

4:59 Despite all of that, they've also continued to beat the Juniper drum,

5:04 to extend our message out to more and more partners and customers,

5:09 and really amplify all the work that we're doing.

5:12 A sincere thank you to all of our distribution partners.

5:15 Our Enterprise+ program is starting to mature.

5:20 This program was based on feedback from you

5:24 to get better alignment with our sales organization.

5:28 We've made some investments into you, driven that alignment,

5:32 and then you've continued to invest with us.

5:35 It's absolutely no surprise to me

5:38 the growth that we generated at the end of last year.

5:41 Our Enterprise+ partners are the fastest growing set of partners within Juniper.

5:49 Now, I'd like you to hear this from one of our Enterprise+ partners.

5:57 -I'm David Pritchard, a solutions engineer at SHI.

6:01 We're an $11 billion bar that is women and minority-owned.

6:05 We're a Juniper Enterprise+ partner, which was recently named Juniper's

6:09 2020 North America Commercial Partner of the Year.

6:12 Juniper has made incredible acquisitions over the past few years.

6:15 Mist, 128 Technology, Netrounds, and obviously, Apstra,

6:21 is changing the way manufacturers integrate hardware

6:23 and software features to create complex designs with automation

6:27 while providing simplified management, network resilience, and security.

6:32 It makes Juniper's portfolio one of the strongest on the market today.

6:36 Being an Enterprise+ partner gives us access to additional enablement

6:41 and sales support, which makes it easy to help

6:43 our customers see the benefits of these new technologies.

6:46 We're excited to offer all these solutions to our customers

6:49 as we take our partnership to the next level.

6:53 -What a great example from one of our Enterprise+ partners,

6:57 again, being bold, and winning big with Juniper.

7:02 Now, let's talk about winning with Juniper,

7:04 and the rewards that you can earn.

7:08 We've made significant investment into the partner program,

7:12 to the point that you can now double your incentives in 2021.

7:18 That represented an investment of over $20 million

7:22 incrementally into the partner program.

7:27 On an average, our partner profitability is already on the increase.

7:34 As I mentioned before, with this tremendous technology and momentum,

7:39 with the feedback that we're getting from the analysts

7:42 and from you, the investments that we're making,

7:45 the partnerships that we're forming, and this market opportunity,

7:49 with a relatively low position in some of the key segments,

7:54 we just have a tremendous opportunity.

7:57 It's a real formula for success.

8:00 That's why I encourage you not to sit on your hands but to continue to be bold.

8:09 I challenge you to reinvest those incentives into your business.

8:15 Deploy more account managers, more SEs,

8:19 let's do more marketing together,

8:22 more proof of concepts, let's deepen our partnership.

8:27 I guarantee that that investment will pay off.

8:35 Don't just take it from me.

8:37 I'd like to play another video from a partner that can go

8:41 into a little more detail on just exactly how they capitalized

8:45 on success by investing in Juniper.

8:51 -Hi, this is Manoj Kanodia.

8:53 I'm the CEO of Inspira Enterprise.

8:56 We are a leading system integration company in India.

8:59 Inspira and Juniper go a long way,

9:01 our relationship runs for more than a decade.

9:04 We have together delivered some cutting-edge solutions

9:07 to a lot of our customers in India.

9:10 One such solution that I want to talk about today is 4k phone.

9:16 It's actually a project we are delivering for the State of Kerala in India

9:21 and part of the digital transformation initiative of the Government of India.

9:26 Under this project, internet will be made available

9:29 to the remotest villages in that State.

9:33 Obviously, the transformation that it will bring to the lives

9:38 of the ordinary citizen is what excites us.

9:40 Juniper and Inspira have been partners for

9:43 over a decade as I already mentioned.

9:45 During these years, Juniper has come out with several key initiatives.

9:51 I could also say that their incentive structure is one of the best in the industry.

9:57 These initiatives and their incentives have allowed us

10:01 to build more solutions, invest more in our business,

10:05 build more capabilities, and eventually,

10:07 all this has helped us to build our business and also help customers at large.

10:12 -Even with all the success,

10:14 I believe that we're only just at the beginning.

10:18 What's important now is that we focus on speed,

10:22 and agility so we can capture the growing opportunity

10:26 as quickly as possible.

10:29 Therefore, we're investing in tools to improve your partner experience,

10:35 to reduce your cost of doing business with Juniper.

10:40 Firstly, we've integrated a deregistration program.

10:44 No longer do we have a separate program for Mist and for Juniper.

10:48 We now have one unified program with upfront discounts,

10:53 making it easy for you to register deals, and to quote your customers.

10:59 We've also introduced velocity pricing,

11:03 everyday low pricing for your customers that are looking

11:07 to buy just a few units at a time,

11:09 maybe top up an existing network, add a branch office.

11:14 The pricing will allow you to transact quickly without having

11:18 to wait for special pricing approval for Juniper, it's pre-approved.

11:23 This will increase the time to market and allow you to work with a lot more velocity.

11:31 Lastly, we're launching a new partner performance dashboards,

11:36 very excited about the dashboard

11:38 because I believe it will really underpin the relationship.

11:44 It'll give you phenomenal insights into your business with Juniper,

11:48 you'll be able to check on the status of your rebates,

11:51 check if you're compliant with the partner program.

11:55 What's available in terms of MDF?

11:58 How many leads have you received from our virtual sales organization?

12:02 How much due registration are we driving together?

12:06 With this level of transparency, and with some of these bold incentives

12:12 that are in place to support the partnership,

12:15 I feel very, very confident that we're only at the beginning

12:20 and there's a lot more still to come.

12:22 As we know, when we're bold, we will win.

12:27 We've made four acquisitions, Apstra, Netrounds,

12:33 128 Technology, and of course, Mist.

12:38 Each one of these acquisitions brings us unique differentiation

12:43 that you've heard about from some of the other presenters.

12:47 They're all built in areas of the network that we're extremely strong in.

12:51 For me, they really just bring the cherry to the top of the cake.

12:57 My focus over the next few months is going to be to integrate

13:02 these technologies more quickly into our partner program,

13:06 so we can have one unified partner experience.

13:10 There's a tremendous increase in access service demand

13:14 from the customer base, as all of you know.

13:20 These new acquisitions and technologies will allow you,

13:24 our partners, to take advantage of high levels of demand

13:29 for things like Wi-Fi as a service, security as a service, and SD-WAN as a service.

13:37 We want to be bold, and move with speed

13:41 and capture that opportunity as quickly as possible.

13:49 -I'm Russell Crampin, and I'm the managing director of Axians in the UK.

13:53 The UK is part of the Axians global business,

13:56 which is a £2.5 billion organization that's

14:02 present in over 26 countries around the world.

14:05 One of our customers who've been working with for a little while

14:09 is a medical research firm and they had an aging Wi-Fi

14:13 and problems with their core network.

14:16 It was no longer fit for purpose and really needed updating.

14:18 In particular, they had a recon for looking after long workers

14:24 who had devices that needed to be located

14:26 and their current Wi-Fi just couldn't do that

14:29 and so they turned to us for help.

14:31 Their existing solution based on the Aruba technology,

14:35 as I mentioned, was becoming an end of life,

14:37 and particularly it didn't support Bluetooth.

14:40 That was what was required for their location awareness.

14:44 Axians UK is an Enterprise+ partner, so very active and skilled in Mist.

14:52 We talked to them about the benefits of Mist, set up a demonstration.

14:56 Talked to them a little bit more about the benefits of wide assurance with that.

15:00 The customers were really pleased with that.

15:02 Last year we closed the deal with them for 250 access points.

15:09 We've then got on to replace their coordination network as well.

15:13 We've been looking at the recent acquisitions by Juniper.

15:17 Axians UK runs a number of global SD-WAN deployments,

15:21 so we've been very interested in 128 Technology.

15:25 We've currently got that in the labs, looking under the hood,

15:27 seeing what goes on with it, but in discussion with a few customers.

15:31 They're already very interested.

15:33 I think that one's going to be the one to watch for this year.

15:35 We do work with Juniper for many, many years now.

15:39 What I've found in particular in the last year or two

15:42 is the increased energy and enthusiasm that in particular,

15:47 the channel and the investments the channel have made.

15:50 It means that there's a lot more activity, enthusiasm,

15:54 and energy coming through from that team, which is really infectious.

15:58 We're really being glad that we're continuing to be a Juniper partner.

16:03 -I'm extremely pleased to announce today

16:06 a new unified money services program.

16:12 At Juniper, we like to keep our partner program real simple.

16:17 It's completely aligned with our Juniper partner advantage framework.

16:22 It'll have just two levels, elite provider and select provider

16:29 based on your volume and the level of investments that you make into specializations.

16:37 It'll also bring you predictable sourcing costs,

16:41 investments into marketing to create demand,

16:45 in-field specialists to support creation of these new services,

16:50 incentives for customer success

16:54 as well as free online starter kits and access to technical resources.

17:00 There'll also be flexible financing options through Juniper financing.

17:08 Now, that said it does take time to build that highly differentiated

17:15 managed service practice and we're going to be right there with you.

17:19 We've already launched a business transformation program

17:23 that will give you access to consultants and enablement

17:27 and training and experts to support you on the journey

17:31 towards managed services.

17:35 The technology, the changes in the market,

17:38 and our new program, again,

17:41 will allow us to continue to build momentum, to continue to be bold.

17:46 That's when we know we will continue to win.

17:52 Just a few weeks ago, it was the equinox, the beginning of spring.

17:59 I'm sure you'd all agree it feels like we've been through a long and extended winter.

18:08 Despite all of that, adversity, challenge,

18:12 unpredictability, worry, we've been winning together.

18:19 I really believe that we have a bright future ahead.

18:24 Of late, it's clear to me,

18:27 and I'm sure to many of you that we've been missing something.

18:32 We've been starved of that human connection,

18:35 that ability to celebrate success together,

18:40 to solve for complex problems together,

18:44 to go to the whiteboard and innovate

18:46 around providing better customer outcomes.

18:51 As we come back together, I believe there's an opportunity

18:55 for us to really redefine the workplace.

19:02 -My name is Peter Bartels and I'm the senior business development manager

19:06 for Telstra Purple based in Adelaide, South Australia.

19:10 Telstra Purple is an ICT services solutions business

19:15 with around about 200,000 people.

19:18 We are the largest Australian-owned ICT and services business.

19:22 The university we've been working with

19:25 is one of Australia's regional universities.

19:28 Most Australian universities have been

19:31 very focused around foreign national students

19:33 to provide both revenue and student basis for the universities.

19:39 In this particular case, the university is looking through refresh

19:43 its campuses and its facilities and they're looking for ways

19:48 in which they could utilize wireless and AI

19:52 to give them a better outcome around the university campus.

19:55 The language the university is using is to take the AI data

20:00 in the location tracking to identify how many students

20:04 are in any particular location at once.

20:07 The value this will deliver to them is that

20:10 if you think of a lecture theater with maybe 100 people in it,

20:13 if it's only utilized with a small number of students in the facility,

20:18 they can reassign the theater to another use

20:21 and automatically look to shut down the power and the lighting

20:25 into the particular part of the campus and obviously,

20:29 deliver cost savings to the business through better utilization

20:33 of facilities and minimizing outgoing variable cost

20:37 such as heating, cooling and lighting and so on.

20:39 They see this as a really strategic way in which they can

20:43 get better utilization of the campus and give them

20:46 better use of facilities right across, not just one campus,

20:49 but several campuses that they have.

20:51 Telstra Purple have been consulting to the university for some time.

20:55 We've worked very, very closely with Juniper over the last 12 to 18 months.

21:01 We have an extremely good relationship with

21:03 both the sales and the business team in Australia.

21:08 Telstra Purple sees Juniper and Mist as a very,

21:13 very strategic player, particularly around AI and Wi-Fi.

21:19 -I want to learn from you, how do we get the balance right?

21:25 We've learned a lot over the last 12 months,

21:30 how to get more efficient, how to train differently,

21:33 how to bring relationships online,

21:37 but there's an awful lot of things that we used to do that

21:40 we haven't been able to do that are also great assets for success.

21:47 I'm going to create a series of advisory boards

21:50 and #future partner experience.

21:54 I'd love to hear from you about what you think we need to do

21:58 to create the perfect partner experience in the future.

22:02 I also want to share what we're doing at Juniper

22:05 around bringing our employees back safely into our workplace that they can be

22:09 highly productive in and also, learn from you on how

22:13 you're doing that with your own employees.

22:18 If we get this balance right,

22:21 I believe that we can not only continue on the trajectory that we're on,

22:26 continue with the momentum, continue to win together,

22:32 we can get even better.

22:34 We can get even deeper relationship with our partners and with our customers.

22:41 With that, I look forward to seeing many of you in the near future.

22:45 I wish you all the best.

22:47 Thank you very much.

22:49 [music]

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