Marvis Minis: Move from Reactive to Proactive Network Management (demo)

Marvis Minis Demo

Introducing Marvis Minis, the first AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin

Proactively find and solve networking issues before they impact users’ experience, even when your IT teams are off the clock.

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You’ll learn

  • How to find and fix network problems more quickly and cost effectively

  • How to optimize user experiences

  • How to drive more value to your existing network and virtual network assistant (VNA) investment

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:06 Marvis minis the first AI native

0:09 networking digital experience twin

0:11 shifts network operations from reactive

0:14 to proactive elevating end user

0:16 experiences while enabling it to spend

0:19 less time and money chasing down

0:21 problems this is achieved by proactively

0:24 simulating user connections to instantly

0:27 validate Network configurations and find

0:29 problems without users having to be

0:32 present minis are always on constantly

0:36 monitoring your network in real time

0:39 minis find misconfigured vlans bad

0:41 firewall rules application errors and

0:44 more and converts issues into Marvis

0:47 actions for proactive resolution and

0:49 validation packet captures can also be

0:52 initiated to ensure all the right data

0:54 is present for additional

0:55 troubleshooting Marvis minis are

0:58 self-configuring and autolearning

1:00 minimizing any need for manual setup and

1:03 handholding they are fully integrated

1:05 with your network infrastructure and

1:06 come standard with the Marvis virtual

1:08 Network assistant no extra Hardware

1:11 software or clients are required and

1:14 because they're AI native data from

1:16 minis is continuously fed back into the

1:18 missed AI engine providing an additional

1:20 source of insight for the best ongoing

1:22 AI Ops responses find and fix problems

1:26 more quickly and cost effectively

1:28 optimize user experience by solving

1:30 issues before they even know they exist

1:33 and drive more value to your existing

1:35 Network and VNA investment that is the

1:38 power of the industry's only AI native

1:41 digital experience twin That's The Power

1:44 of Marvis

1:49 Minis

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