Marvis for the Data Center: New Levels of Real-time Visibility and Performance (demo)

Data Center

Demo: Marvis, Virtual Network Assistant. Now for Your Data Center

Juniper’s award-winning AI-Native virtual network assistant has expanded to the data center. Now you can get the same seamless visibility across all your network domains. Get the same end-to-end assurance for the best user and operator experiences that Marvis has been providing to campus and branch for years. Learn how to deploy and implement Marvis for your data center.

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You’ll learn

  • How Marvis for the data center gives lets you quickly review potential trouble spots and get recommendations for troubleshooting

  • How Marvis for the data center takes advantage of the rich monitoring and telemetry built into Juniper Apstra

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:06 we are excited to show how Marvis the

0:08 award-winning AI native virtual Network

0:10 assistant has expanded from campus and

0:12 Branch to Data Center this is a key

0:15 component of the Juniper AI native

0:17 networking platform which provides

0:19 seamless visibility across all

0:21 networking domains and endtoend

0:22 Assurance for the best endtoend user and

0:25 operator

0:27 experiences here you can see the

0:29 standard mark service actions dashboard

0:31 which provides enormous value by

0:33 proactively showing key issues

0:35 pertaining to wired Wireless and when

0:37 connectivity and performance but you can

0:40 see here in the Middle where it now says

0:42 data center that is how you'll gain deep

0:45 insights into the entire life cycle of

0:47 your data center operations if you

0:49 double click on the data center link

0:51 you'll see a variety of key data center

0:53 categories for review here is where any

0:56 issues with cabling interfaces links and

0:59 pack packet handling can be viewed and

1:02 of course if you click again into any of

1:04 these areas you will see recommended

1:06 actions for

1:07 troubleshooting all this information is

1:09 coming directly from abstra Juniper's

1:12 leading platform for data center

1:13 Automation and Assurance we're

1:15 essentially leveraging the rich

1:17 monitoring and Telemetry that's already

1:19 built into abstra bringing it to the

1:21 cloud and presenting it to the m Marvis

1:23 user

1:24 interface if you need to dive even

1:26 deeper into any of these data center

1:28 issues simply click this button to

1:31 launch the abster UI and you can

1:33 continue troubleshooting here is an

1:35 example of a simulated fault that we

1:37 detected as you can see this isn't a

1:39 juniper switch it's from Arista that's

1:42 because Juniper offers the only solution

1:44 capable of managing any vendor switches

1:47 providing you with a single source of

1:49 Truth in multi- Vendor

1:51 environments this is extremely powerful

1:54 only Juniper provides the AI native

1:56 networking platform you need to save

1:58 time and money with the ability you want

2:00 to avoid vendor lockin from traditional

2:03 data center networks connecting Mission

2:05 critical applications to those

2:07 supporting the most stringent AI

2:09 workloads Juniper provides the agility

2:11 Automation and Assurance for modern data

2:14 center

2:19 operations

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