Marvis Minis: Introducing the Only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin (explainer)

Marvis Minis Explainer

Introducing Marvis Minis

Get to know "Marvis Minis," the latest addition to Juniper Networks’ Marvis virtual network assistant. Marvis Minis is the only AI-Native Networking digital experience twin, stimulating traffic on your network to provide new levels of real-time visibility and performance. Pressure test your network, identify potential issues and automate corrective actions with Marvis Minis.

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You’ll learn

  • Why you need Marvis Minis to improve your network experience

  • How Marvis Minis can provide new levels of visibility and performance

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:00 overwhelmed by Dynamic Network

0:02 complexity wish you had a 24/7 partner

0:05 dedicated to resolving problems before

0:07 they negatively impact and user

0:09 experiences introducing Marvis minis the

0:12 latest addition to our Marvis virtual

0:14 Network assistant Marvis minis is the

0:17 only AI native networking digital

0:19 experience twin simulating traffic on

0:21 your network to provide new levels of

0:24 realtime visibility and performance for

0:26 the first time ever you can pressure

0:28 test your network identify potential

0:31 issues and automate corrective actions

0:33 without users having to be present and

0:36 Marvis minis are always on and there

0:38 when you need them they can be deployed

0:40 automatically via predefined trigger

0:42 events deliver the ultimate end user

0:45 experience for your network get started

0:48 with Marvis minis today and leverage the

0:50 full power of Juniper's AI native

0:52 networking platform

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