Introducing the Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform: Make Every Connection Count

Juniper AI-Native Anthem

AI-Native Networking: The New Vision of Networking

When you shift your network focus to the experience of a great connection, everything changes. Juniper Networks’ AI-Native Networking is a platform designed to do just that. It’s designed specifically for AI from the ground up, and not as an afterthought. Juniper assures exceptional experiences with its AI-Native Networking Platform – where every connection is reliable, measurable, and secure.

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You’ll learn

  • How AI-Native Networking solves the biggest challenges for operators and elevates every experience for every end user.

  • That Juniper’s AI-Native Network Platform assures exceptional experiences for users and network operators because we make every connection count.

Who is this for?

Network Professionals


0:00 [Music]

0:00 from making money to Counting losses

0:03 from enjoying the race to wondering who

0:05 won from acing the test to waiting to

0:08 reconnect nearly every vital experience

0:10 starts with a strong network connection

0:13 but mere connectivity is not the same as

0:15 experiencing a great connection and when

0:17 you shift Focus from Simply measuring

0:19 connectivity to the experience of a

0:21 great connection Everything Changes a

0:25 new vision of networking becomes

0:27 possible we call it AI native networking

0:31 it's a vision designed specifically for

0:33 AI from the beginning not as a bolt-on

0:35 or afterthought one that puts the

0:38 experience first solves the biggest

0:40 challenges for operators elevates every

0:43 experience for every end user a vision

0:46 that results in up to 90% fewer trouble

0:48 tickets up to 85% reduction in Opex and

0:52 up to 50% less time to reach incident

0:55 resolution that means less time spent on

0:57 tactical mundane tasks lower operational

1:00 costs and more time to focus on what

1:02 really matters and it all starts with

1:05 the right data the right response the

1:07 right secure infrastructure delivering

1:10 AI Ops with unparalleled Assurance in a

1:12 common Cloud across the entire network

1:15 spanning countless use cases for nearly

1:17 any industry whether leveraging the

1:19 power of AI for your network or building

1:21 the optimal Network for AI assure

1:24 exceptional experiences with the AI

1:26 native networking platform where every

1:28 connection is reli reliable measurable

1:31 and secure we make every connection

1:36 count

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