Mike Bushong, VP of Data Center Business, Juniper Networks

Predictions 2022: A Shift From Agility to Reliability

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Image of Mike Bushong, VP of Data Center Business, Juniper Networks on the left. On the right, the text says, “PREDICTIONS 2022: A SHIFT FROM AGILITY TO RELIABILITY.”

Juniper’s Mike Bushong shares what he’s seeing for 2022.

Juniper’s Mike Bushong shares his top two tech predictions for 2022 in this short video. We’ve listed them below, but watch to learn more about what these predictions mean for the future of the network — and why these are his top two picks. 

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You’ll learn

  • Prediction 1: A shift from agility to reliability will happen 

  • Prediction 2: Diversity will enter the tech space

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Mike Bushong Headshot
Mike Bushong
VP of Data Center Business, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:07 hi my name is mike buchan i lead the

0:09 data center business at juniper networks

0:11 and this is what i see happening in 2022

0:14 first i think we'll see a shift from

0:16 agility to reliability

0:18 when we were pursuing faster and faster

0:21 cars it wasn't enough to merely strap a

0:23 rocket engine to the back of a car it

0:25 wasn't until we had seat belts and

0:27 anti-lock brakes that we could really

0:29 unlock functional speed it'll be the

0:31 same way in the data center we can't go

0:34 fast until we know that speed is not

0:36 lethal and that means reliability will

0:39 take the number one thing that we look

0:40 at in infrastructure

0:42 this has a natural follow-on effect

0:44 we'll see the

0:46 retirement of things like nerd and hubs

0:48 we have to get into more standard cookie

0:50 cutter deployments so that things can be

0:52 done repeatably the same way every time

0:54 without fail

0:55 and the second major prediction i think

0:57 we'll see diversity really start to

0:59 enter the tech space the pandemic taught

1:01 us that we can work from anywhere and

1:04 that gives us access to talent pools

1:06 that have different demographics it's

1:08 not about you know recruiting from the

1:10 same basic places like the bay area or

1:12 down in austin as we look at a global

1:14 talent pool that should give us access

1:16 to talent of different ages of different

1:18 genders of different races in a much

1:20 more rich environment 2022 should be the

1:23 beginning of real diversity in roads in

1:25 our space

1:26 thank you and that's what i see in 2022

1:31 [Music]

1:44 you

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