Professional Services

Helping assess, design and deploy your network solution.

  • Services


    Juniper Professional Services has world-class automation expertise and the network knowledge to simplify your environment. Service Automation offerings range from custom script development to Platform as a Service capability. Juniper consultants work with customers to identify automation workflows that provide maximum gain.

    Our services teams provide support, maintenance, and platform assurance, giving you expert help and guidance throughout your use of Service Automation.

    See how Juniper Professional Services can help your networking team evolve to a DevOps environment. Watch the video.

    Core & Edge

    The Core and Edge Practice enables Service Providers to shorten the time it takes to bring revenue-generating opportunities to market, bring new productivity-enhancing capabilities online faster, roll out new business models and ventures more quickly, and create greater market reach and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Professional services can also help with mobile network and security requirements, and bring greater network productivity to enterprise networks.

    Data Center

    The Data Center Practice helps organizations assess, design, deploy, and migrate data center architectures to ones that reduce complexity and enhance performance, scalability, and agility. We offer both pre-defined and custom services to address a broad range of engagement requirements.


    The Juniper Networks Security Practice helps organizations identify and address areas of security risk and exposure. A wide-ranging set of services, from evaluation and assessment of customer security through design and implementation of a new solution, is available. Other security services can provide assistance with planning and execution of migration from one security environment to another.

    Testing as a Service

    Testing as a Service (TaaS) provides a platform that simulates your network environment to help you validate new services, software, hardware, and more. With TaaS, Juniper teams can test all your planned network changes in a secure lab setting and provide you with a full report featuring detailed observations and recommendations. Juniper also offers a cloud-based self-service testing tool. TaaS helps you avoid risk, check compatibility, and enable a smooth transition to new technology.

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  • Automation

    Juniper Professional Services offers automation expertise and capabilities in two key platforms: Juniper Event Driven Infrastructure (Juniper EDI) and the Network Implementation and Test Automation platform.

    The platforms are based on open-source components and Juniper-developed modules integrated with Juniper products. We combine them with automation libraries that capture key business use cases. Offered in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, they enable our customers to leverage automation capabilities to improve flexibility and adaptability. These subscription services provide access to the platform with full Juniper expert support and maintenance.

    Both the Juniper EDI and Network Implementation and Test Automation PaaS offerings are available for general use. Additionally, there are two solutions available specifically for the following:

    Automated Lab Testing
    This Professional Services offering supports preproduction test activities. It provides access to the platform and a comprehensive set of automation libraries. The libraries contain the build playbooks and test cases necessary to test at various levels, including device, topology, and network end-to-end solution.

    See how Juniper Professional Services can help your networking team evolve to a DevOps environment. Watch the video.

    Automated Deployment
    With this solution, customers can automate deployment procedures for new networks and services.

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  • TaaS

    Testing as a Service (TaaS) is designed to help you accelerate deployment of new technologies and services. It offers a complete, end-to-end validation cycle in an automated, scalable testing environment tailored to your needs. TaaS currently includes two services:

    Customer Certification Lab
    The Customer Certification Lab provides a controlled environment that simulates your network for testing your new services, code, software, or hardware. It gives you the opportunity to validate compatibility with your specific configuration before deployment on your actual network. As a best practice, the lab can help you reduce risk and provide a path for a smooth transition.

    For this service, Juniper experts work closely with you to gather information on network topologies, configurations, and traffic flows from your network environment. Our team then creates an exact clone of your network in a Juniper-managed data center.

    We test all planned changes to your network in a secure and safe lab environment. On completion, we’ll provide you with a fully documented test plan that details our observations and recommendations.

    Cloud Customer Certification Lab
    The Cloud Customer Certification Lab service complements our physical certification lab testing platform. With this versatile, web-based version, you can validate network deployments virtually without the cost, complexity, or limitations of a physical network lab. This self-service tool incorporates open-source automation capabilities into the testing process, making tests easier to complete, less error prone, and faster to set up. You can create a new test environment in minutes.

    Cloud Customer Certification Lab supports the vMX Virtual Router, vSRX Virtual Firewall, vQFX virtual switch, Junos Space products, JSA Series Secure Analytics Appliances, and leading third-party traffic generators. This resource is available at all times and is hosted in dedicated data centers owned and securely operated by Juniper.