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Service Overview

Today’s organizations are under constant pressure to meet dynamic market demands while increasing their return on investment. Juniper Advanced Care provides value-based services designed for small and medium-size enterprise customers who do not have a large IT operations team, but require effective, high-touch support from Juniper.


Service Description

Juniper Networks® Services provides the support and assistance needed for managing the complexity of technology. The rich set of services helps keep your network at optimum readiness and able to evolve efficiently in response to the demands of your business.

Juniper Advanced Care includes all the features in Juniper Care, and more, to provide a better customer support experience with enhanced service availability and improved service quality. All Juniper services help you minimize service disruption and recurring incidents, while maximizing your network uptime.

With Juniper Advanced Care, you have a single point-of-contact (POC) technical liaison who provides high-touch support five days a week, up to eight hours each day. The cost-effective service also includes assistance in the progression of high-impact network issues, proactive technical notification, consultation, software release upgrade guidance, operational review meetings, and knowledge transfer related to Juniper products.

Additional service features include 24x7 Active Issue Management via a dedicated phone number, expedited support through direct access to Juniper senior support engineers, accelerated response times, onboarding assistance, best practice knowledge transfer, and customized reports.


Service Portfolio

Figure 1: The Juniper Care portfolio has three options: Base, Advanced, and Premium

Figure 1: The Juniper Care portfolio has three options: Base, Advanced, and Premium

Features and Benefits

Table 1. Juniper Advanced Care Features and Benefits
Feature Description
Designated Remote Technical LiaisonA named, designated technical expert provides assistance on technical needsHelps you implement best practices across your network and provides knowledge transfer
Onboarding AssistanceGuidelines and processes for accessing Juniper resourcesCollapses the learning curve and accelerates operational processes
Active Issue Management (24x7)A dedicated phone number provides 24x7, after-hours access to a designated, remote support team to facilitate your issues, ensuring cases are properly escalated. A follow-up report and status is provided until escalation requests are completeEnsures that issues are handled and resolved in an efficient manner, keeping your network running smoothly
Proactive Operational SupportProactive assistance with Return Material Authorization (RMA) issues, asset management, support related to contracts, licenses, and entitlementEnsures operational success to keep your network running smoothly
Escalation Management and Technical Issue ResolutionTechnical input to facilitate and expedite problem resolutionMinimizes impact of business-critical technical cases
Periodic Review of Open IssuesOperational review calls to provide customer updates on technical case activities and ensure ongoing progressImproves performance and reduces downtime by identifying areas for improvement during regular check-ins
Priority Access to Senior EngineersP1/P2 cases routed directly to senior support engineersEnsures faster issue resolution for high-priority cases, resulting in superior network availability
Accelerated Response TimeP1/P2: 30 minutes, P3/P4: 4 hoursSignificantly accelerates case closures and increases network uptime, keeping end users happy and productive
Best Practice Knowledge TransferA quarterly, interactive webinar shares best practices and use casesEnhances staff knowledge and expertise on Juniper products and services to simplify operational processes and maintain a highly available network
Technical knowledge transfer and Q&AInformal Q&A with consultative guidance for questions and service deliverablesProvides technical knowledge to maximize the service value and acquire the necessary knowledge for keeping your network running at an optimal state
Custom Reports and ConsultationA monthly Proactive Bug Notification (PBN) Report, quarterly Customer Service Experience Report including Installed Base and Entitlement, End-of-life (EOL)/End-of-service (EOS), Case History, and RMA updatesOffers personalized review of your network and enhanced decision-making capability
Environment-specific Technical GuidanceGuidance tailored to your campus and branch (Juniper Mist) and/or data center (Juniper Apstra) solutionsMaximizes value of Juniper Advanced Care


Ordering Information

The Juniper Advanced Care contract has a minimum annual term of twelve (12) months.

Juniper Advanced Care services are available globally.For details, please contact your local Juniper authorized partner, Juniper Networks account manager, or your assigned Juniper service business manager.

For additional details such as scope, deliverables, eligibility, and exclusions, please refer to corresponding Service Description

As a prerequisite, customers must have Juniper Care Services, which provides the foundational base required to enable Juniper Advanced Care.


About Juniper Networks

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