Automate Network Deployments with Services

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This video highlights how Juniper Professional Services help network teams evolve to a DevOps environment.

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You’ll learn

  • How you can speed up the introduction of new services on your network

  • How you can enhance visibility, shorter troubleshooting time, and shorter validation windows

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Security Professionals


0:02 often the winner is the one first to

0:05 market with a new service of course this

0:08 needs to be balanced with the inherent

0:10 risk of introducing services on a live

0:12 network automation and programmability

0:15 are ingrained with junipers hardware and

0:17 software development teams we are

0:19 bringing this expertise to speed up the

0:21 introduction of new services on your

0:23 networks by building an agile and

0:25 tightly integrated solution jenkins

0:28 robot framework and ansible

0:30 all leading industry open source tools

0:33 are incorporated with technically mature

0:35 libraries filled with hundreds of test

0:37 cases it's possible to configure a multi

0:40 vendor physical or virtual lab and

0:42 conduct full automated test cycles that

0:45 will verify your architecture how it

0:48 works

0:48 Juniper professional services experts

0:50 come on-site and install the open

0:53 automation framework bringing the

0:54 benefits of DevOps to the customers

0:56 networking and operations teams perform

0:59 all testing at the touch of a button and

1:01 analyze the reports through clear

1:03 statistics details and logging the

1:05 testing provides a crucial part of the

1:07 DevOps lifecycle to automate design test

1:10 deployment and audit network

1:12 environments enjoy enhanced visibility

1:14 shorter troubleshooting times and

1:17 shorter validation windows automation

1:20 accelerating new services to market

1:22 while simultaneously reducing risk

1:25 engineering simplicity

1:29 juniper Networks

1:31 [Music]

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