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AI & MLNetwork Automation

Learn about the high-level Juniper software strategy. 

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You’ll learn

  • About Juniper's software strategy

  • Juniper's future vision on software and automation

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Network Professionals Business Leaders



0:01 Juniper software powers millions of network devices for billions of people.

0:09 Our Junos Operating System was the industry s first modular software architecture.

0:14 We reach the core of the internet, data centers, enterprise campuses and branches, the wireline

0:22 and 5G edge, and remote work locations, everywhere.

0:25 For IT and operations, we leverage software control points to make the network easier

0:31 to run, while still delivering an amazing experience for everyone.

0:38 Juniper software connects secure, highly performant, self-driving networks to the cloud.

0:44 Driven by AI, it provides you with proactive and predictive insights.

0:49 That enhance network performance while automating and simplifying operations and support.

0:55 Juniper software can help you keep pace with rapidly changing network requirements.

1:00 Delivering the quality, speed and reliability users want.

1:04 So you can focus on moving your business forward.

1:08 This is experience-first networking in action.

1:12 This is Juniper.

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