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Service Overview

Network reliability is crucial to the success of your business.  With Juniper Accelerated Resolution Care Services, you receive personalized support with faster case restoration and resolution for the most complicated services or  applications in your network.


Service Description

The increasing number of new and evolving technologies is making network environments more complex. You need to minimize complexity and cost while supporting business growth.

Juniper® Accelerated Resolution Care Services provide access to designated named senior engineer(s), who resolve issues faster and minimize downtime. Our experts have broad product knowledge, highly experienced  technical support skills, and personalized insights of your network profile or distinct operating requirements.

This service offers Juniper’s highest level of proactive support and can be added to Juniper Advanced Care or Juniper Premium Care Services. The designated engineer(s) establish a close relationship with you and your network that enables faster case closure and resolution of your network issues. In fact, case closure and resolution times are up to 30% faster than our standard technical support offerings. Our goal is to enhance process improvements and provide data-backed recommendations that deliver operational efficiencies while achieving your desired operational outcomes.

To enhance user experience, continuous engagement with designated engineers combined with KPIs and customized reports provide visibility into your network. The overall combination improves network operations and network reliability.


Features and Benefits

Table 1. Accelerated Resolution Care Services Features and Benefits
Feature Description
24x7 Technical Support24x7 direct access to a designated team of senior engineers who know your networkProvides faster issue resolution with troubleshooting done by experts who are familiar with your network
Designated Senior Engineer(s)Named senior engineer(s) with specific product line expertise and deep technical troubleshooting skills for solving critical and complex network issuesSave time and resources, prioritize escalations, and document technical knowledge to ensure highly responsive technical support for your mission-critical network
Diagnostics and Root Cause AnalysisAnalysis of diagnostics and root causes with documented solution and mitigationUnderstand network problems by identifying operational gaps and potential risks
Network Level SupportHighly skilled specialists review cases at a network level and address symptoms beyond the device levelExpand focus on network infrastructure with holistic approach to network maintenance
Best Practice Knowledge TransferRegular review sessions to provide best practice information based on issues and trend analysisAcquire new knowledge to maintain highly available network
Operations Review MeetingRegular scheduled meetings to discuss open issues and case statusEnsure visibility and transparency of every case
Enhanced Support Response TimePriority 1: 15 minutes, Priority 2: 30 minutes, Priority 3: 2 hours, Priority 4: 4 hoursRealize faster response time with expedited problem resolution
Restoration TimePriority 1: 4 hours, Priority 2: 8 hoursMinimize operational impact and risk of essential business availability


Key Deliverables

Designated Named Senior Engineer(s)

Accelerated Resolution Care Services provide named senior engineer(s) assigned to Juniper technology platforms for which you need the most support. Juniper provides support for routing, switching, security, and software.

You have access to certified, expert engineers who possess in-depth knowledge of your infrastructure and the technologies that are present in your network profile. This includes your network topology, features, configurations, and service history, as well as your network’s operational processes and procedures.


Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis

Juniper provides in-depth diagnostics and root-cause analysis for problems that affect your network. Juniper replicates the problem in a Juniper Networks lab environment to determine and document the root cause, verify a fix, and provide recommendations on the proposed solution. In-depth diagnostics are intended to determine the solution for immediate network-impacting issues and help determine the best way to prevent issues from recurring.


Operations Review Meeting

Your Juniper assigned resource and designated senior engineer host regular scheduled meetings and a quarterly services review meeting to discuss and review cases status, identify issues, and provide recommendations for corrective actions.


Enhanced Support Response Time

Resolving your issues quickly is our highest priority. You are entitled to the following response times for these case types: Priority 1: 15 minutes; Priority 2: 30 minutes; Priority 3: 2 hours; Priority 4: 4 hours.


Restoration Time

To minimize the impact of any service disruption, your designated senior engineer will try to restore service for Priority 1 cases within 4 hours and Priority 2 cases within 8 hours.


Service Specifications

The Juniper Accelerated Resolution Care Services are available for a minimum fixed term of 12 months.

Juniper Accelerated Resolution Care Services are delivered remotely and available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

Service Eligibility and Ordering Information

Accelerated Resolution Care Services are available only to customers who hold a valid Juniper Advanced Care (Version 2.0) or Juniper Premium Care contract, or to Juniper Support Service Specialists who hold a valid Advanced Customer Support contract.

SVC-ACCELRESO-CARE24x7 Juniper Accelerated Resolution Care
PAR-ACCELRESO-CARE24x7 Juniper Accelerated Resolution Care

You can purchase Accelerated Resolution Care Services directly from Juniper Networks or through an authorized Juniper Networks resellers.

For more information, please contact your local Juniper Networks account manager or services business manager.


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