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Service Overview

Challenges may arise during a software upgrade. As a network operations decision maker, you want to proceed cautiously. If you don’t move forward, functionality suffers, missing features develop, or product issues can cause downtime. If a problem occurs during the upgrade, network performance is compromised significantly.

With the Juniper Apstra Upgrade Assistance Service, the effort and risk associated with Juniper Apstra software upgrades is greatly reduced, providing access to Juniper Apstra managed data center experts, Juniper test engineers in Juniper test labs, and best practice methodologies.


Service Description

Juniper® Apstra® software, a turnkey, multivendor automation solution, enables you to design, build, deploy, and operate data center networks from a single pane of glass. The solution simplifies automated data center operations across vast infrastructure such as controllers, routers, and switches. By focusing on reliability, Juniper Apstra enables network teams to manage their data center operations with confidence. Businesses that leverage Juniper Apstra to manage their data centers typically upgrade on a regular basis to ensure compliance and the latest features.

The upgrade process has both high rewards and risks. When all goes well, the day-to-day operations continue to move forward seamlessly. Failing to upgrade can have disastrous consequences. Resolving and restoring the network can be not only time consuming, but extremely costly.

Juniper Apstra Upgrade Assistance Service is designed to support enterprises that manage upgrade cycles of Juniper Apstra software by carefully planning, validating, and assisting with execution. The service helps ensure upgrades are successful with minimized adverse impacts. Benefits of the service include:

  • Seamless delivery is pre-packaged and remote.
  • Expert review of your Juniper Apstra software requirements, assessment of Juniper Apstra software upgrade risk, analysis of potential impacts on your network, and recommendations on a target Juniper Apstra software release for your requirements.
  • Thorough testing of Juniper Apstra software release from current deployed release to a recommended target Juniper Apstra software release in our Juniper Customer Certification Lab (CCL) environment.
  • Remote engineering assistance is provided for upgrading Juniper Apstra software during the change implementation window.

Our service gives your organization access to:

  • Juniper Apstra data center experts
  • Juniper test engineers in Juniper test labs with extensive knowledge of Juniper products and technologies
  • Proven best-practice upgrade test methodology and tools that provide a high degree of upgrade assurance
  • Faster completion speed, deterministic timelines, and reduced upgrade risks

Juniper Apstra Upgrade Assistance Service begins with an assigned Juniper technical resource as your single-point-of-contact for the duration of service. Juniper resource will set up a virtual kickoff meeting with you and project stakeholders. The meeting reviews your upgrade requirements, service engagement scope, milestones, and customer responsibilities.

After the kickoff meeting, a targeted Juniper Apstra software release recommendation is created. This includes an assessment of your current Juniper Apstra software version, per provided feature requirements, problem history, and your infrastructure. This is followed by an analysis of the target Juniper Apstra software release to determine the potential impact on your network. The analysis includes a review of additional software features and software defects with the best course of action for you. A recommendation for the target Juniper Apstra software version for the upgrade is provided with a consolidated report containing upgrade requirements assessment, target software analysis, and any identified improvements.

Once the recommended release for the Apstra software upgrade is available, the service provides you with Juniper expertise and resources to perform the Juniper Apstra software upgrade validation, including upgrade procedure testing in Juniper labs prior to implementation in a production network. It qualifies one software release upgrade test cycle for Juniper Apstra Server from current deployed release to a recommended targeted release. A final Test Exit Report with the Upgrade Method of Procedure (MOP) will be delivered to you. The MOP will outline steps for upgrading the Juniper Apstra Server, as well as a “back out” plan for the new Juniper Apstra software and restoring old software in case issues occur.

Juniper Apstra Upgrade Service closes with the Juniper engineer collaborating with you during one maintenance window for one software release upgrade of Juniper Apstra Server to assist with any questions, concerns, or problems. The Juniper engineer will transition any outstanding issues following the change control maintenance window to your point-of-contact for follow-up and escalations to Juniper technical support teams. During a post-upgrade review, a Juniper engineer will discuss the software upgrade to assess accuracy and actions.


Features and Benefits

Feature Description
Single Point-of-ContactJuniper holds virtual kickoff meeting to review your upgrade requirements, service engagement scope, milestones, responsibilities, data collection requirements, and delivery process.
  • Ensures alignment on upgrade engagement scope, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Provides collaboration, guidance, and access to proven best-practice methods
  • Ensures all service deliverables are executed in a timely and orderly manner
Software upgrade requirements assessmentJuniper engineer reviews the current conditions, problem history, and feature requirements of your Apstra managed data center network.
  • Accurately assess both the risk and probability of your network’s exposure to known defects, and proactive upgrade requirement analysis for avoiding potential issues or minimizing the impact
  • Allows for careful and informed preemptive operation of your network
Software release analysisJuniper engineer analyzes the targeted software release to determine potential impact on your network.
  • Leverages Juniper’s unparalleled network expertise to avoid the time and expense of implementing a software release that isn’t optimal for your network or business requirements
Software upgrade recommendationJuniper engineer provides software upgrade recommendations based on the target software release analysis.
  • Minimizes the OpEx opportunity cost normally incurred with software upgrades by implementing optimal software release recommended by Juniper experts
Upgrade test plan creation and reviewJuniper test engineer writes upgrade test plan to cover multiple pre- and post-upgrade scenarios and reviews the test plan with you.
  • Provides access to extensive knowledge and expertise with Juniper equipment
  • Provides experts with seasoned experience in upgrades of Juniper software versions across multiple industries and enterprises
Upgrade test execution and defect management
  • Juniper test engineer executes upgrade test cases as per the reviewed upgrade test plan in Juniper Customer Certification Lab on a fixed reference test setup.
  • Juniper performs software defect validation to handle any issues.
  • Ensures that MOP is working effectively for the software and configuration
  • Provides a Juniper test engineer who will work directly with Juniper engineers to resolve any potential issues found during the software upgrade test cycle
Test Exit Report and MOP deliveryJuniper test engineer delivers a final Test Exit Report and upgrade MOP that will outline the steps for the upgrade of the Juniper Apstra Server and connected devices when applicable.
  • Provides access to MOP with a “back out” plan that removes the risks inherent in any upgrade project
  • Ensures you become familiar with software upgrade timeline, for proper expectation setting
Upgrade maintenance window technical consultationJuniper engineer is available during the software upgrade process to assist you with any questions, concerns, or problems.
  • Leverages Juniper’s award-winning network support expertise to avoid the time and expense of an upgrade that is not optimal for business requirements
Post upgrade maintenance window review
  • Juniper engineers discuss the software upgrade with you to assess success.
  • If applicable, possible areas of improvement, with follow-up changes being the primary focus.
  • Provides clear assessment and identification of next steps after the software upgrade


Additional Juniper Services Options

As leaders in data center networking, Juniper Services consultants and engineers are uniquely qualified to assist you in designing, implementing, and optimizing network solutions. The following services are available to help you deploy, migrate, and operate your next-generation data centers using Juniper Apstra.


Juniper Training Options

Network engineers automating data center deployments and migrations with Juniper Apstra should consider attending the Data Center Automation Using Juniper Apstra (APSTRA) training course. Engineers will learn the foundational knowledge required to work with Juniper Apstra and to manage data center networks with Juniper Apstra software. Alternatively, the All-Access Training Pass provides access to every Juniper instructor-led or On-Demand (self-paced) training course, for a full year, for one low price.


Juniper Service and Support

Juniper ensures operational excellence by optimizing the network to maintain required levels of performance, reliability, and availability. For more details, please visit:


Ordering Information

To order the Juniper Apstra Upgrade Assistance Service, or for additional information, contact your Juniper account manager. The lead time to start the service delivery is four to eight (4 to 8) weeks from time of purchase. For additional details such as scope, deliverables, eligibility, and exclusions, please refer to corresponding Service Description



The scope of this service is for Juniper Apstra Upgrade Assistance Service only and does not include separately sold assessment, design, migration, or deployment services. If you require additional services from your Juniper Services consultant, please contact your Juniper account manager.


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