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Service Overview

AI has transformed how campus and branch networks are deployed or managed. Juniper’s expert assistance accelerates design and deployment, increasing time to value, and enabling scaled rollout. Juniper Mist AI Accelerate Service, driven by Mist AI, rapidly maximizes your investment in Juniper's Campus and Branch architecture. Our focus is to deliver a smooth and predictable deployment experience.

With extensive knowledge of the Juniper Mist solution, we provide best practices and specialized expertise focused on design, deployment, as well as monitoring skills. Juniper services and solutions empower you to scale deployment tailored for your environment.


Service Description

The Juniper® AI Accelerate Service is designed to support large enterprises and service providers that are deploying Juniper Mist solutions for mission-critical applications. Juniper provides necessary assistance and expertise to help customers realize the benefits immediately, improving their time to value. The service is available in two options:

  • Juniper Mist AI Accelerate LAN for the Juniper Mist Wired and Wireless LAN solution
  • Juniper Mist AI Accelerate WAN for the Juniper Mist SD-WAN solution

Both options are delivered remotely with assistance for design, deployment, and accelerated rollout activities.

Customers benefit from assistance for various activities at every stage of the Juniper Mist solution adoption. Table 1 provides a list of service activities that are tailored to each customer’s requirements and goals.

Service Kickoff

All service engagements typically start with a discovery workshop that provides:

  • Transition planning by reviewing all completed activities with a clear understanding of the customer’s overall needs
  • Review of business and technical requirements, including any existing design and deployment plans, is essential to success—this provides an opportunity for customer teams and stakeholders to provide insights based on business and technical goals
  • Identification of a network transition plan, understanding ownership, as well as responsibility, dependency identification, and establishing priorities to guide the engagement.


Design and Deployment Planning

Deployment planning provides the foundation for a successful rollout of Juniper Mist solutions. In this phase, Juniper leverages customer-provided information from the discovery workshop to create optimal designs. For example, a predictive wireless design can be developed to provide optimal wireless coverage based on the customer’s connectivity needs. Assistance in creating Juniper Mist configuration templates  that align to the customer solution is also provided. Templates and additional CLI configurations for the Juniper Mist Wired Assurance solution are applied with guidance on areas, such as variable identification and localization of site-specific variables. Site readiness testing verifies configurations and connectivity prior to service rollout to assure deployment success. The service also helps customers with turn up of Juniper Mist managed devices, implementation, and cutover planning.


Accelerated Rollout

Accelerated Rollout ensures customer’s needs are continually being met and guided properly. This includes runbook development as part of site implementation planning and provides details on processes for deploying the Juniper Mist solution, as applicable to customer’s network. Runbooks are detailed guidelines or documentation for procedures suited for IT activities. The focus is on continually improving and optimizing the rollout process to turn up new sites efficiently. Advice is provided on best practices, including consistent monitoring and health checks. This ensures ongoing success of the customer’s ability to best leverage the Juniper Mist solution.

Project Management

Managing a modern network implementation requires robust planning and adoption of industry best practices. This combination ensures the rollout progresses smoothly, while optimizing efficiency and minimizing risk. The service leverages Juniper Project Manager Methodology (JPMM) for aligning customer goals and services activities, in order to achieve maximum possible progress during the service term. JPMM uses standard processes that are both scalable and tailored for each engagement. It leverages knowledge gained globally from a multitude of project experiences.

Table 1: Features and Benefits of Juniper Mist AI Accelerate Services
Discovery Workshop
  • Collaborative workshop to discuss customer requirements and existing network
  • A Juniper consultant reviews all aspects of the customer’s Juniper Mist solution technical project and features.
  • The review includes identifying and understanding relevant information for implementation planning.
  • Transition planning of network from current to desired state
  • Access to Juniper Services experts who help prepare a plan for smooth deployment, based on detailed discussions and review of customer requirements
  • Identification of pilot rollout site and dependencies
Predictive wireless design (Juniper Mist AI Accelerate LAN option only) A predictive design for optimal Wi-Fi coverage in the target network floor space
  • Optimal wireless network design
Juniper Mist template configuration, creation, and application Assistance and guidance for creating Juniper Mist configuration templates
  • Operational efficiencies are accelerated while maximizing effective use of Juniper Mist solution
Site implementation and cutover planning
  • Juniper Mist experts create a site-readiness testing plan for the site
  • Support provided to the customer for in site-readiness testing, pilot site implementation, and cutover maintenance window
  • Devices upgraded to correct software or firmware version
  • Ready-for-use devices with applied Juniper Mist templates and configuration
  • Service troubleshooting of any issues during implementation process
Creation of implementation checklists
  • Pre-implementation and post-implementation verification checklists
  • Complete and thorough implementation
  • Identification of all requirements to be completed before implementation
  • Consistency is ensured during rollout.
Testing various configuration and features
  • Assistance in testing various features of Juniper Mist solution as required and tailored to customer’s specific needs
  • Development of test plans, execution of test plans, and tracking results
  • Assurance while adoption new features
Creation of site implementation plans (e.g., runbooks) Assistance with developing a site implementation plan, including creating optimized processes and standard templates
  • Standardized runbooks to deploy at scale
  • Ensures smooth and efficient deployment of Juniper Mist devices
Best practices
  • Expert guidance in design and planning
  • Implementation of customer’s network
  • Faster implementation to maximize value
Maintenance window assistance Assistance with cutover window
  • Technical assurance to support execution of planned activities during cutover windows
Post-cutover verification and health checks
  • Proactive support to identify network issues before they arise and help with resolution
  • Assistance with post-cutover verification and health checks to ensure expected completion of activity
  • Help to resolve any failed checks
  • Faster time to resolution


Additional Juniper Services Options

As leaders in data center networking, Juniper services experts are uniquely qualified to assist you in designing, implementing, and optimizing network solutions. The following consulting or services are also available to help you with your AI driven Mist solution adoption and operations:


Juniper Training Options

Network engineers automating their networks with Juniper Mist should consider registering for training courses through our Learning Portal. Courses include:

Engineers will learn the foundational knowledge required to work with the Juniper Mist system and manage networks with Juniper Mist software. Alternatively, the All-Access Training Pass provides access to every Juniper instructor-led or On-Demand (self-paced) training course, for a full year, for one low price.


Juniper Service and Support

Juniper ensures operational excellence by optimizing the network to maintain required levels of performance, reliability, and availability. For more details, please visit


Ordering Information

The services are offered for a minimum of three (3) months’ duration and can be extended monthly. The lead time to start the service delivery is four to eight (4 to 8) weeks from time of purchase.

To order the Juniper Mist AI Accelerate Service, or for additional information, contact your Juniper account manager.

For additional details such as scope, deliverables, eligibility, and exclusions, please refer to corresponding Service Description



The scope of this service is for Juniper Mist AI Accelerate Service only and does not include any custom automation, scripting, or API integration. The service does not provide any assistance with third-party products and solutions. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, please contact your Juniper account manager.


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