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Service Overview

Cloud-based and AI-driven architectures are fundamentally reshaping enterprise networks. Legacy architectures for wired, wireless, and WANs are not designed to support modern applications or services, and they do not assure client-to-cloud performance. Modern enterprises require AI-driven networks that can handle today’s diverse workloads and dynamic data flows.

Juniper Mist Premium Onboarding Service streamlines the deployment of the Juniper Mist AI-Driven Enterprise portfolio, including wired, wireless, and WAN solutions for new Juniper Mist customers. The service provide access to Juniper Professional Services technology experts, industry best practices, and extensive knowledge of Mist AI.


Service Description

Juniper® Mist Premium Onboarding Service supports large enterprises that are deploying a Juniper Mist solution for their mission-critical applications. The service provides multiple components that helps organizations realize the benefits of the Juniper AI-driven wired, wireless, and WAN architecture in the fastest time frame possible—and experience a smooth and predictable deployment.

The service provides access to Juniper Mist deployment experts with extensive knowledge of Juniper Mist solutions and technologies, as well as expertise in best practices for transitioning to AI-driven deployment, monitoring, and operations. Both onsite and remote consultants provide support and employ proven implementation methodologies and tools to ensure faster deployments and reduced risks.

The Juniper Mist Premium Onboarding service is offered in two levels: Wireless only and Juniper Mist full stack that covers wired, wireless, and WAN solutions.

The Premium Onboarding Service provides customers with access to Juniper Mist consultants for a period of three contiguous months. The service can be tailored to customers' requirements which provides a combination of on onsite and remote activities. Customers are supported based on a list of one or more tasks described in the below simple methodology spanning four phases – Discovery, Design and Test, Pilot Site Implementation, and Remote Monitoring (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Premium Onboarding Service Methodology

Initial Discovery and Design and Test (Onsite)

The service starts with a Discovery Workshop where a Professional Services Consultant works at the customer site to understand overall customer needs. Once customer information is collected, the consultant provides initial Design and Test of the proposed implementation. These two phases cover activities that are critical to solution deployment for the pilot site. Key tasks are:

  • Predictive wireless design
  • Templates design and configuration
  • Implementation planning
  • Migration planning
  • First Office Application
    • Site-readiness testing
    • Cutover support for pilot site

The Discovery and Design and Test phases provide the foundation for a successful rollout of Juniper Mist solutions. The customer-provided information is used to create a predictive wireless design that will maintain healthy wireless coverage based on the customer’s connectivity needs. The Juniper Mist Professional Services consultant works with the customer to prepare the initial pilot site implementation and cutover plan. The devices for the pilot site are configured using designed configuration templates. Site-readiness testing verifies all configurations and connectivity prior to service rollout to assure deployment success.


Pilot Site Implementation and Remote Monitoring (Offsite)

The next phase is Pilot Site Implementation, where the service transitions to an offsite consultant who provides support remotely. During Remote Monitoring, the offsite consultant provides various ongoing tasks including :

  • Continued implementation support
  • Proactive network monitoring
    • Daily check-in for health checks
    • Ongoing remote monitoring to assist with queries, issues, or configuration tasks

Oversite of all critical and high-priority issues, such as proactive alerting, triaging, and resolution assistance


Project Management (Ongoing)

Managing a modern network implementation requires robust planning and adoption of industry best practices. This combination helps ensure that the rollout progresses smoothly, while optimizing efficiency and minimizing risk. Juniper Project Management Methodology (JPMM) uses standard processes that are scalable yet tailored for each engagement. It leverages knowledge gained globally from hundreds of project experiences.

This approach delivers:

  • A controlled and organized start, middle, and end to the service engagement
  • Weekly planning and status updates
  • Flexible decision points
  • The involvement of management and stakeholders at the right time and place throughout the project
  •  Escalating any Juniper Mist support issues
  • Smooth handover between onsite and remote teams


Service Features and Benefits

Table 1: Service Deliverables—Features
Components Description Features
Discovery Workshop and Recommendation Document Collaborative workshop to discuss customer requirements. A Juniper consultant will review technical aspects of the wireless project and Juniper Mist cloud features to gather relevant information required for planning, as well as implementation. Juniper Professional Services team documents customer requirements.
  • Gives access to Juniper Services experts who help to prepare a plan for smooth deployment based on detailed discussions and review of customer requirements
  • Identifies pilot rollout site and dependencies
  • Provides a Requirement and Recommendation Document
Design and Testing Juniper Professional Services Consultant reviews the customer’s wired and wireless network design requirements. A plan for the pilot site implementation is created with the customer. A pre-deployment checklist is created for the pilot site that provides configuration and testing assistance for pilot site devices.
  • Predictive site design
  • Development of configuration templates
  • Functionality testing
  • Connectivity checks
Pilot Site Implementation Juniper Professional Services Consultant creates a site-readiness testing plan for the pilot site and supports the customer in site-readiness testing, pilot site implementation, and cutover maintenance window.
  • Site readiness testing
  • Cutover maintenance window support
  • Post-cutover monitoring and tuning
Remote Monitoring An offsite Juniper Mist solution expert assists with day-to-day monitoring and configuration activities for the remaining duration of the service.
  • Daily monitoring and health check
  • Configuration support based on existing design
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of any issue on deployed Juniper Mist devices


Juniper Service and Support

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Ordering Information

To order Juniper Mist Premium Onboarding Services, or for additional information, please contact your Juniper account manager.



The scope of this service is for devices supported by the Juniper Mist solution only. The service does not include separately sold wireless assessments, any automation, scripting, API integration, or customized trainings. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, please contact your Juniper account manager. The service does not include onsite survey, unless agreed or sold separately.


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