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Service Overview

Managing Layer 2 devices, proprietary technologies, vLANS, and IoT on campus networks is becoming more difficult as mobility becomes more prevalent. This service helps customers design large campuses in distributed enterprises. Using templates, you can assign configurations, push them to the switches, and deploy the switches almost immediately. Juniper Mist Campus Deployment Service is available as an add-on option to the Juniper Mist Wired Assurance deployment packages or as a custom scoped service.


Service Description

Juniper Mist Campus Deployment Service is an add-on option for Juniper® Mist™ Wired Assurance Deployment Service. The service helps customers manage their switches and Ethernet VPN–Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN-VXLAN) network through Juniper Mist cloud. The service is valuable for both greenfield and brownfield deployments and can be used for new Juniper switches or existing Juniper Networks® EX Series or QFX Series Switches

A Juniper consultant first engages the customer in a Solution Workshop. This session provides the Juniper consultant with an understanding of the customer’s current infrastructure, as well as a requirements analysis for deploying or migrating switches from other vendors to Juniper Mist Wired Assurance. The Juniper consultant creates a Requirements Review (RR) document containing detailed descriptions of the recommended campus deployment, which could be EVPN multihoming, campus fabric core distribution, or campus fabric IP Clos. The Juniper consultant then describes the design and recommended deployment steps during the Design and Architectural Review. Next, the Juniper consultant creates the configuration following Juniper best practices in the Configuration Creation phase. The final component is a Knowledge Transfer Workshop on overall project deployment. This customizable service allows customers to add more deliverables based on their requirements with assistance from the Juniper project scoping team.


Table 1. Recommended Juniper Mist Campus Deployment Service Deliverables
Components Description Features and Benefits
Solution Workshop  Juniper conducts a consultation-style workshop to review the campus deployment requirements. Consultant will produce a Requirements Review (RR) document that includes a detailed description of recommended deployments. Ensures optimal deployment and management of Mist-enabled Juniper switches through recommendations provided by the Juniper consultant.
Design and Architectural Review Based on the details described in the RR document, Juniper will review the proposed architectural design following Juniper best practices. Provides a detailed analysis of the proposed design and architecture, allowing customers to make informed decisions as they design an efficient and scalable network.
Configuration Creation Based on the RR document, Juniper consultants will produce configurations that reflect a full understanding of the solution and its supported features. Makes sure proposed configurations are aligned with Juniper best practices and customer requirements.
Knowledge Transfer Workshop Juniper will transfer detailed knowledge of the solution and its usage in the network to the internal team. Provides training and expertise on how to manage the network.


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Ordering Information

To order the Juniper Mist Campus Deployment Service, or for additional information, please contact your Juniper Account Manager.



The scope of this service is for enabling and deploying Juniper Mist Campus Deployment Service only and does not include separately sold assessment, design, or migration services. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, please contact your Juniper Account Manager.


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