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Service Overview

AI has transformed how campus and branch networks are deployed, managed, and operated.

Juniper Mist Webhooks Monitoring Service, driven by Juniper Mist AI helps:

— Integrate Juniper Mist Cloud webhooks into legacy monitoring tools

— reduce time needed to detect and resolve issues

— leverage existing monitoring tools

— increase visibility of Juniper Mist Cloud information received via webhooks


Service Description

Juniper® Mist Webhook Monitoring Service provides customers with access to the Juniper Alert Format Relay software tool, which listens to information coming from Juniper Mist Cloud and parses selected data that is then sent to customers’ legacy monitoring systems. In summary, Alert Format Relay converts selected Juniper Mist alerts received via webhook to SNMP traps and system log messages.

The service is available as an annual subscription with a license to monitor alarms for up to 1,000 Juniper Mist Cloud managed devices. Customers can get multiple licenses for a larger install base. The service provides customers with installation, configuration, and support for Juniper Alert Format Relay for the duration of the service subscription term.

For additional details about scope, deliverables, eligibility, and exclusions, please visit:

Diagram depicting a Juniper Mist Alert Amplifier Monitoring Use Case

Figure 1: Juniper Mist Alert Monitoring Use Case

Table 1: Features and Benefits of Juniper Mist Webhook Monitoring Service
Monitoring of Mist Alarms Monitoring of Juniper Mist Webhooks and conversion of selected alarms to defined alternate formats, such as SNMP traps and syslog message
  • Integrates monitoring information from Juniper Mist cloud into legacy monitoring tools, improving overall monitoring and operations
Installation and Configuration Support for installation of Juniper Alert Format Relay on customer-provided server and host software environment
  • Simplifies installation and provides ready-to-use Juniper Alert Format Relay
Support Support for any issues regarding tool functionality during subscription term
  • Ensures availability of support to provide the best resolution of issues with Juniper Alert Format Relay


Additional Juniper Services Options

As leaders in data center networking, Juniper services experts are uniquely qualified to assist you in designing, implementing, and optimizing network solutions. The following consulting and services are also available to help you with your AI driven Mist solution adoption and operations:

  • Juniper Mist Accelerate LAN
  • Juniper Mist Accelerate WAN
  • Juniper Mist Wireless Deployment Service–Basic

Juniper Training Options

Network engineers automating their networks with Juniper Mist should consider registering for training courses through our Learning Portal. Courses include:

Engineers will learn the foundational knowledge required to work with the Juniper Mist system and manage networks with Juniper Mist software. Alternatively, the All-Access Training Pass provides access to every Juniper instructor-led or On-Demand (self-paced) training course, for a full year, for one low price.


Juniper Service and Support

Juniper ensures operational excellence by optimizing the network to maintain required levels of performance, reliability, and availability. For more details, please visit:


Ordering Information

The services are offered for a minimum of a three-month duration and can be extended monthly. To order Juniper Mist Webhooks Monitoring Service, or for additional information, contact your Juniper account manager.

For additional details such as scope, deliverables, eligibility, and exclusions, please visit:



The scope of this service is for Juniper Mist Webhooks Monitoring Service only and does not include any custom automation, scripting, or API integration. The service does not provide any assistance with third-party products and solutions. If you require additional services from your Juniper Services consultant, please contact your Juniper account manager.


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