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Service Overview

Juniper Mist Wireless Deployment Service provides designs and plans for Wi-Fi networks that deliver optimal performance. This service helps to enable, provision, and manage Juniper Mist wireless access points (WAPs) through Juniper Mist cloud. The service maps out the most efficient network coverage, identifies the capacity of the connected devices for the coverage areas and how they are supported, and plans how many WAPs are required for specific cases. Additionally, the service ensures that the wired infrastructure runs smoothly and in a cost-effective manner.


Service Description

The number of wireless Internet users around the globe is increasing every day. Add to those numbers the growing mobile workforce, and it’s easy to see why wireless Internet access has become critical for enterprises of all sizes. Every modern organization must optimize their wireless networks, and many need the help of experts and professionals so they can avoid the risk of under coverage, under provisioning, poor monitoring of network performance and WAPs, and security threats. 

Juniper Global Services offers Juniper® Mist Wireless Deployment Service, which gives organizations access to Juniper consultants with extensive deployment knowledge across Juniper Networks® EX Series Switches, Juniper WAPs, and Juniper Mist cloud. This service is offered as a basic or a custom package, with an option of add-ons for organizations with specific needs.


Table 1. Juniper Mist Wireless Deployment Service Options
  Basic Custom
Discovery Workshop
Predictive Site Survey
Configuration Creation
First Office Application
Knowledge Transfer Workshop
Wireless Access Points (WAPs) Up to 36 WAPs
Coverage Area Up to 50,000 square feet
Templates Up to 4 templates


Table 1. Juniper Mist Wireless Deployment Service Components
Components Description Features and Benefits
Discovery Workshop A Juniper consultant will review the technical aspects of the wireless project and Juniper Mist cloud features and gather the relevant information required for the planning and implementation of the project. Gives access to Juniper services experts who help to prepare a final plan after detailed discussions and review, to ensure smooth deployment of the wireless network.
Predictive Site Survey Based on the information from the Discovery Workshop, Juniper consultant will conduct a predictive site survey using Ekahau software to design the wireless network coverage and capacity. Provides highly trained Juniper services experts who employ best practices to design the site coverage and capacity, by utilizing industry-known software. This ensures that the initial, first-time approach causes minimal disruptions to your network.
Configuration Creation The Juniper consultant will create wireless network configurations using templates for each site. Simplifies deployment by configuring templates on Juniper Mist cloud for each site.
First Office Application The service will support first office enablement and the go-live activities. Provides immediate resolution of issues and access to support from Juniper services experts after the deployment of a new wireless network.
Knowledge Transfer Workshop Juniper consultant will provide Knowledge Transfer Workshop on the project implemented. Completes training and knowledge transfer after the implementation of the project.


Ordering Information

To order the Juniper Mist Wireless Deployment Service, or for additional information, please contact your Juniper Account Manager.



The scope of this service is for enabling and deploying Juniper Mist Wireless Deployment Service only and does not include separately sold assessment, design, or migration services. If you require additional services from your Juniper Professional Services consultant, please contact your Juniper Account Manager.


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