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In 1995, after 11 years working at the Computer Science Lab of Xerox PARC, Pradeep Sindhu took a leave of absence to consider his next steps. Noting the explosive growth of the Internet and the importance of connecting computers, Sindhu was struck by the enormous potential of the router — the fundamental building block of the network. He returned from a vacation with the idea to start a company to supply high-performance routers to support the quickly emerging Internet.

After some discouraging responses from venture capitalists, Sindhu managed to secure financing for his company, and Juniper Networks was incorporated February 6, 1996, in California. Instead of starting small like many startups, Juniper Networks decided upon what would become its signature approach — tackle the toughest problem and solve it once.

The company’s first product, the revolutionary M40 router which shipped in September of 1998, did just that. The M40 far surpassed all other routers on the market and established Juniper’s position as an innovative and serious player in the hardware market.

Developing the M40 was a major undertaking that required two years of research and work. During that time, to keep venture capitalists and customers happy, Juniper Networks developed what would later become its major differentiator and the basis for all future innovation — Junos Platform.

Juniper Networks went public on June 25, 1999. It was one of the most successful initial public offerings in history.

Since this auspicious beginning, Juniper Networks has continued to grow and innovate, releasing new product, developing new technologies based on customer’s needs, and remaining at the forefront of high-performance networking.


September 1998

Shipped Juniper Networks’ first product, the first wire-speed and revolutionary Internet backbone M40 core router

September 2000

Introduced M Series Multiservice Edge Routers, the first full-performance access edge routers

November 2001

Delivered the first routers with integrated XML instrumentation and the first production-ready high performance IPv6 solution

April 2002

Announced Juniper Networks’ new flagship T Series Core Routers

April 2004

Entered the enterprise and security space with J Series Services Routers and SA Series SSL VPN Appliances

July 2004

Became the first router vendor in North America to receive TL 9000 certification by the Quality of Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications Forum

October 2006

Introduced I-Chip next-generation packet-forwarding engine technology, the basis for the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, a new family of Ethernet-specific carrier platforms

May 2007

M Series and T Series routing platforms became the first network routers to be certified for the Department of Defense Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Capable Approved Products List (APL)

June 2007

Juniper raised the bar with the industry’s most energy efficient multi-terabit T1600 Core Router

December 2007

Announced the Partner Solution Development Platform (PSDP), the first platform for customers and partner application development on a carrier-class network operating system

January 2008

Juniper entered the enterprise switching market with a new family of EX Series Ethernet Switches, setting a new benchmark for high-performance network infrastructure in the enterprise with Virtual Chassis technology

February 2008

Delivered Juniper Control System (JCS) 1200, the first control plane scaling platform

June 2008

Introduced Advanced Insight Solutions, which automates incident management and offers proactive network protection in new support services

September 2008

Revolutionized networking with SRX Series Services Gateways, a new category of integrated security services devices that combine security, routing and switching in one chassis, and the highest performance firewall service in the industry

February 2009

Released TX Matrix Plus, offering virtualization capabilities that deliver a new dimension of core flexibility and scalability

October 2009

Unveiled the Junos Trio chipset and revolutionary 3D scaling technology with the launch of MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, the first “network instruction sets” that are purpose-built to meet the needs of networking at massive scale

November 2009

Introduced the industry’s first 100 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on a core router

October 2010

Introduced the Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite, the only integrated solution on the market to provide both security and secure connectivity for virtually all mobile devices

February 2011

Introduced the vGW Virtual Gateway, virtualized security solution for private and public clouds

February 2011

Unveiled the QFabric® solution, the world’s first true data center fabric

March 2011

Unveiled the industry’s first Converged Supercore switch, the PTX Series Packet Transport Switch

March 2011

Launched Junos Express Chipset, the industry’s fastest, most energy-efficient and scalable silicon

October 2011

Delivered Junosphere Lab, a first-of-its-kind cloud offering that allows network operators to create and run networks on-demand

February 2012

Introduced the ACX Series Universal Access Routers, the industry’s highest performing access solution that converges mobile backhaul with residential and business access networks

May 2012

Released Junos WebApp Secure with ground-breaking Intrusion Deception technology to defend against web-based threats in real-time

October 2012

Announced the world’s most powerful edge services engine, the MX2020 3D Universal Edge Router, enabling massive scaling and reduced complexity of service provider networks

February 2013

Introduced Junos Spotlight Secure, the first cloud-based global attacker intelligence service. Delivered Junos DDoS Secure, a unique, fully automated DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) protection system for websites and web applications

March 2013

Unveiled the PTX3000, the world’s smallest Converged Supercore that provides network operators with groundbreaking size, performance and efficiency required as they converge networks

April 2013

Introduced the world’s most programmable core switch, the EX9200, to support emerging applications and growing workloads

May 2013

Introduced JunosV Contrail Controller, a standards-based and highly scalable network virtualization and intelligence solution for software defined networks (SDN)

October 2013

Announced MetaFabric™ Architecture, a new architecture for next-generation data centers that simplifies and accelerates the deployment and delivery of applications within and across multiple data center locations

February 2014

Expanded portfolio with the industry's only open, secure, multi-layered, multi-domain SDN solution. New software and hardware – which include Junos Fusion and the NorthStar Controller – enables service providers to build High-IQ networks that accelerate service creation and deliver new, customized services in real-time

November 2014

Juniper redefines networking industry with the first carrier-grade virtual router, the vMX 3D Universal Edge Router

December 2014

Juniper introduces the OCX1100, the first switch to combine Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware design with a carrier-class network operating system, Junos® OS

March 2015

Juniper unveils the enhanced Converged Supercore®, the industry’s most powerful core routing platform

April 2015

Juniper introduces the SRX5800, the industry’s fastest firewall

September 2015

Juniper introduces Unite Architecture to provide simplified and secure network infrastructure solutions that bring cloud performance, automation and simplicity to enterprise networks