Supply Chain

Partnering for positive change

We work with partners who can help realize the true potential of the network. We seek to create productive, long-term relationships with our suppliers that align with our vision, values and business objectives.

Our supplier engagement framework helps us:

  • Operate with integrity, for the customer and each other
  • Take a collaborative approach
  • Ensure a remarkable customer experience
  • Have shared bold aspirations
  • Achieve common goals for mutual benefits
  • Innovate and operate with excellence

We ask our suppliers to uphold the same high standards we do when it comes to acting environmentally and socially responsible and fostering an inclusive and diverse supply chain.

Responsible Business Alliance

To ensure safe and fair working conditions and treatment, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, we have adopted and promote our suppliers’ adoption of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, guidelines and policies. As a member of the RBA, Juniper fully supports the vision, mission and principles of the RBA and commits to a collaborative approach in applying leading standards and practices in the supply chain. 

Combatting human trafficking and slavery

We support the eradication of human trafficking, modern slavery and forced and child labor. And we expect our employees and supply chain partners to help meet this commitment by upholding ethical business practices and complying with human rights laws. Our policies deter prohibited activities and ensure rigorous investigation and corrective action are taken when required.

Responsible minerals

We are committed to responsible minerals sourcing and expect our suppliers to support us on our goal of achieving a conflict-free supply chain. Juniper is a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and we support transparency in the minerals supply chain and standardized due diligence processes using RMI tools and programs. We ask our suppliers to exercise the same due diligence as we do, sourcing their materials from certified conflict-free smelters and making their measures transparent.