Open Source

A strong supporter and active contributor to open source initiatives, we continually promote open sourcing for projects implemented within Juniper.

We are the largest contributor to Tungsten Fabric, an open source project under Linux Foundation Networking (LFN). We are highly involved in the Tungsten Fabric governance body along with the technical community.

Other open source communities we actively contribute to include Akraino Edge Stack, LF Edge, Cloud Infrastructure Telco Taskforce (CNTT), and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Telecom User Group, known as CNCF TUG.

For example, we co-lead the reference architecture for CNTT and contribute to the Reference Model and CNTT Edge Work Group. An open source project under LFN, CNTT was founded and is led by telcos and service providers. Its goal is to define common cloud infrastructure (NFVI) and a unified conformance program for onboarding virtual workloads (VNFs and CNFs). The project is divided into multiple workstreams: reference model, reference architecture, reference implementation, and reference compliance.

We also actively participate in and support frameworks developed by the CNCF TUG. In addition, we support NRE Labs, an educational open source project that’s focused on teaching automation fundamentals and tools. Along with practical lessons, NRE Labs includes preconfigured environments where you can work with live automation tools and scripts.

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Tungsten Fabric is a secure software-defined networking (SDN) project designed for the cloud-native, multicloud environment.

NRE Labs

NRE Labs is a no-strings-attached, community-centered initiative to bring the skills of automation within reach for everyone.

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