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vSRX and GNS3

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Slide of network topology with a heading of “vSRX and GNS3.” The left side shows an Internet cloud, a user and a server icon. Text says, “Internet, Untrust Zone, vSRX-1, User Zone, Server Zone, Server-1, and User 1 Right side has a bullet list that says, “Criteria for example, GNS3 is setup to use vSRX, Connect interfaces, Configure vSRX-1, Test communication, User – 1 to Server – 1, User -1 to the Internet, Local machine SSH to vSRX-1.”

Juniper Learning Bytes: How to set up vSRX with GNS3

If you’re new to working with vSRX, check out this step-by-step demo from Juniper’s Zach Gibbs on how to set up GNS3 to use with Juniper vSRX for educational purposes. 

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You’ll learn

  • How to configure the GNS3 VM with the proper resources

  • How to use the vSRX GNS3 appliance template 

  • How to route user traffic and connect to the correct interfaces 

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Zach Gibbs
Content Developer, Juniper Networks