Maruf Yunus, Senior Lab Architect, Juniper Networks

Passwordless Public Key-based Encrypted SSH Authentication on Junos

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Screenshot showing a command line interface connected to a Juniper VMX device. 

Learning Byte: The easy, secure way to log in to SSH on Junos.

Enabling passwordless SSH key-based authentication on Junos devices can aid automation and security for your network. Juniper’s Maruf Yunus shows you step by step how to get it done. 

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You’ll learn

  • Three important facts you need to consider before you begin public key-based authentication 

  • How to optionally encrypt the key with a passphrase for additional security 

  • How to confirm and test the authentication

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Network Professionals Security Professionals


Maruf Yunus Headshot
Maruf Yunus
Senior Lab Architect, Juniper Networks